MCP Alternate paint jobs, core box 1

So very early on I decided I wanted a second core box. Mostly cos I wanted more dice, scenery and rulesrs and at that point getting a 2nd box seemed better than buying them separately. So I figured I needed to work out a set of alternate paint schemes.

Quite a few people have been asking about this so I’m happy to reveal my thoughts on this. There’s a lot more alternates for some of these characters, so I may have to do a follow up with even more alt schemes.

Captain America

For most of these I’ve gone with opposite alignments. So Hydra Cap is a must! The actual hydra cap outfit is pretty normal, and then there’s a green and yellow version. Buy I prefer this custom mcu-style version.

Iron Man

Evil Iron Man? Has to be Norman Osborns Iron Patriot armour.

Black Widow




















This was tricky. I couldn’t find many alt versions for Nat, except this white widow outfit. So that’s what I’m going with.
























So, sure I could write a whole blog on alt spiderman outfits. He’s even getting a second version before anyone else. But I’m going with the black suit. Because.

It is worth pointing out that I am going to attempt to paint my main spidey in the ps4 game scheme.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has like 4 different super hero names each with different outfits. And then a Kree version also. But I’m going with the Ms Marvel / Warbird outfit because it was her outfit when I started reading Ms Marvel. So she wont be evil, but it’s a cool outfit. Not sure how I’m managing the extra skin, but we’ll see how it goes.

Red Skull

This is one I’m really not sure on, mostly because they’ve gone for a more modern style skull. His old version had the dull green outfit, so I could use that, but I am really tempted to go with a Captain America Costume. Or maybe the Infinity War style Ghost Skull.


I mean he’s just metal right? So pick a different metal colour. So I might go with this Gold Age of Ultron version. Or I might keep looking for something more interesting.


















So this is a bit more out there because USAgent is really an alternate Cap. But the Crossbones model kind of looks like the agent so I’m going with this.

Dr Octopus

Think I’m going to have to do some converting to get this, and also the models arms will block the symbol but I really like this outfit, so that’s what I’m going with.

Baron Zemo



















So at some point when zemo was in the thunderbolts, he dressed like this. This would also mean I can put out 5 models painted in stars and stripes. Which is a bit wierd because I’m not American but it seems funny to me.

So that’s it for now. I might consider doing another blog like this later on, but this is how I’m planning to paint mine.

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