MCP, findings on the rules after a few games

So in total I’ve played 3 games of MCP, not enough to be an expert, but enough to make a few observations.

General observations

  • The dice can be really swingy. 6 dice can give you 8 hits or none.
  • Managing power is key
  • The basic rules are pretty simple
  • Move L is very rapid

Things I really like

  • The power system is great. Gaining power for taking damage fits the comics and works well.
  • The characters all play like they should
  • Throwing stuff
  • The crisis missions system is clever
  • The game is not just fighting

Things I’m not so keen on

  • Conditions are hard to use. They might not see an effect until the following turn. Other games work like this, it just makes them hard to rely on, and also easy to forget.
  • Some powers seem too weak or overpriced like Ultrons analyse power, it’s super situational but costs 2
  • Smallish health pools. All lot of characters can be one rounded with a swingy dice roll.
  • There are some rules hidden in odd pages in the rulebook.


  • Make sure the characters that can throw are going to be near stuff they can work with
  • Remember to keep zemo, red skull and cap within range 2 of other characters to use their abilities
  • Counter attack is great, so keep 2 power on those characters to threaten it.

Things to remember

  • Leadership abilities. I forget these constantly
  • Because you place on the other end of the ruler, you move further than you think. Particularly if you have a big base.
  • Most strike attacks grant power

There you go, nothing fancy, and it almost ended up being a review!

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