MCP Zombies!

I thought it might be fun to start on a co-op game and zombies seemed to be the easiest place to start!

What do you need before?
Zombie models ( I used Zombicide)
Civilian Models ( I used GCC models)
Markers/terrain for escape objectives
Markers/terrain for Zombie Spawn

1 player – 2 or 3 characters

2 Players – 2 characters each

3 or 4 players – 1 character each


4 Civilians per character
2 Zombie Spawns
4 Shelters/Escapes
5 Civilians per character
3 Zombie Spawns
3 Shelters/Escapes
6 Civilians per character
4 Zombie Spawns
2 Shelters/Escapes

  1. Place Civilians around the board, Ideally spread out, or in groups of 2 or 3
  2. Choose locations for Zombie Spawns and Shelters/Escapes*
  3. Place 2 Zombies at each Spawn
  4. Setup the heroes within range 2 of board edges, and away from zombies.

*I have found it’s probably best to have civilians mostly central and Zombies at the outside of board and the shelters somewhere not near spawns. How you setup your map will massively change the difficulty of the game.

Each Round

Characters Act
A character can interact to “rescue” a Civilian, placing the token on their card. They can then drop off the civilian at a shelter for free if within range 2 of the shelter/escape point. A character may have as many tokens on their card as their size.

If a character KOs a zombie they gain 1 power.

If a character drops off a civilian they gain 1 power.

Zombies Move
Each Zombie moves S towards the nearest civilian or character
– If Zombie ends within Range 1 of a civilian or character it will make an attack.
– If not it will move S again towards the nearest civilian or character.

Zombies Spawn
Roll a Dice for each player at each spawn point
[FAIL] Spawn 3 zombies
[Hit or Block] Spawn 1 zombie
[Crit] Spawn 2 zombies
[Wild] The closest zombie to this spawn point makes an extra move
[Blank] Nothing happens

Zombie Attacks
If a Zombie attacks a civilian, Roll a dice
[FAIL] or [Crit] the civilian becomes a zombie
[Hit] The civilian is eaten and removed from the board
[Wild] The civilian moves S towards the nearest shelter
[block] The zombie takes 1 damage (from the civilian)
[blank] The zombie misses, nothing happens

If a Zombie attacks a character  Roll the attack as normal
If a Zombie gets a hit on a character, deal damage as normal
If a Zombie gets a [Wild] on a character AND deals damage that was not blocked, the character is infected. At the end of their next activation they become a zombie character.

If a Character becomes dazed the Zombies will ignore it, IF there is another target within range. If not Zombies will attack a dazed character. The dazed character gets no defense and can take no further damage, but can be turned into a Zombie if the Zombie attacks rolls [Wild]

Zombie Infection & Zombie characters

On becoming infected the character gets one more activation. After finishing that activation, remove all statuses and damage, they become a zombie character.
Zombie characters reduce their move by one band to a minimum of S.
Zombie characters reduce their Physical and Energy defense by 1 and increase their mental defense by 2.
Zombie characters act like normal zombies.
When a Zombie Character attacks they will also use strike if possible (or their 0 power attack if they do not have strike).

Zombie Stats

Health: 3      Speed: S    Height: 2    Threat: Z

Physcial  DEF 2     Energy DEF 1    MC DEF 5

Attack: Strike, Physical, Rng: 1, Str:3, Pow:0

If an attack against a zombie rolls a [crit] that counts as two hits.

For every Civilian saved – 1 point.
For every Hero that is not dead or a Zombie – 2 points.


I’ve played this on medium with one player and it was hard. I changed the rules quite a lot during and after the game. I will be writing a battle report for the game.

Comments Welcome Here!

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