MCP Marvel Zombies Battle Report

So I set up a solo, two hero game on medium mode using the rules I posted previously.

End of turn 1, Spidey has collected one civilian and 1 civilian has been eaten

Round 2, Spidey collects a 2nd civi and KOs one zombie. Both Cap and spidey take 1 damage. 1 Civi is eaten and 1 zombie takes a damage.

Round 3, Spidey delivers the 2 civis and KOs another zombie with tazer webs. Cap rescues one Civ and KOs one zombie.

Round 4, Cap rescues another Civi but then is Dazed and the Woman that fought off zombies for 2 rounds is eaten Nice one Cap! Spidey gets to the Civi on the roof, but is then infected. 1 more civi is eaten

Round 5, Spidey delivers the civi, and then turns. Cap recovers and delivers his only civi. Round 6 Cap starts surrounded by like 8 zombies and the remaining civis are also surrounded. Cap climbs a building and the Civis are eaten and turned.


That went bad!

It was quite fun for a solo game but very difficult. The setup made a world of difference and i tweaked the rules as I went. Happy with them at the moment, but will welcome feedback.

Comments Welcome Here!

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