MCP : Overwatch : Reaper

So i promised more MCP homebrew characters and I’m continuing with Overwatch* Generally Overwatch seems suited for MCP because characters tend to have 2 or 3 attacks, a passive and then 1 or 2 powers, just like an MCP character.

I’ve started with Reaper because he is Iconic but also seemed fairly straightforward.



I started with the baseline Health 5, Speed M, Def 3 and worked from there. He has lower energy def to give him some weakness, but balances this by being able to add defense dice (like cap) but also by being able to heal from attacks. I capped this at one health because translating 40% seemed awkward any other way. His shadow step looks OP, but it requires an action, so isn’t much better than moving, other than ignoring terrain. Stealth seemed appropriate. I could have the reaping as a passive. Death Blossom is an A attack, which did exactly what i wanted it to, while also being in the rules!

*There was a bit of a backlash against Batman, because he’s DC. People were happy with the card, but not the character choice. But my Poll put DC next, after “I’m happy with Marvel”. I will leave Marvel up to AMG, which means i’m going to work on other properties. Starting with games i can get figures for. Since DC had such backlash it will be Overwatch first, then onto TMNT probably.

Comments Welcome Here!

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