A Tale of Two events, part 1

This blog should have been last weeks’ but for some reason I couldn’t access wordpress! In the mean-time I have now been to two events!

The first event was on Sunday 30th August at Board in Brum. I’ve been to BiB before but they have a new venue now with a lot more space. It’s a bit of a trek for me (and 3 locals) but not too bad.

Having struggled with a list for a while I basically took my favourite models and then a few other models to get affiliations and ended up with this:

Game 1 v Avengers, Infinity formula, evacuation.

Lost priority, took Web warriors here.

Miles, Gwen, modok, venom, Panther v Cap, Hawkeye, Thor, Loki, Black widow

Made a few mistakes at start. Put Panther and Venom Left and the rest right. My First activation I sent Gwen after their civilian. She then got pummelled by Cap. Panther went late and got damage on Thor. Miles went wide right, modok held the point. Round 2 Panther dazed Thor and gwen was dazed. Loki came to the right. Round 3 Panther KOed Thor, and Gwen was KOed but I had 3 points and 3 civilians against 1 and 1.

Lineup summary

  • Panther was just crazy good in this game.
  • Modok didn’t have the power to do a lot.
  • Miles got shot up by Hawkeye
  • Gwen died, but also proved a distraction for first two rounds
  • Venom just had to sit on a point all game. Mis-deployed

Game 2 v Cabal. Skrulls and Spider-portals.

Miles and vision setup left, Cap and Hawkeye mid, Panther Right.

Cabal had Skull, modok, zemo, shuri and crossbones, all quite central.

Panther went right and got portal, leaving skrull. Cababl were cagey. I sent cap up to get mid skrull and got it. Big mistake. He was then dragged in and pummelled. Lost Cap top of turn 2, losing affiliation. Zemo then ran away with the skrull. But I got 3 points so first two turns were equal. Managed to get Hawkeye to Zemo (Hook shot ftw) in turn 3 and daze him, so actually took the lead. There was a key point in round 4 where if zemo failed a re-roll he died and I could have got skrull for win. But zemo survived and with an extra point Cabal won. Lost 14-18.

Realised from this going for skrulls is bad early on – all I did was give a player to other side. And I had miles who could have got it back if I had positioned better.

  • Panther – survived, did ok, couldn’t quite get to Zemo
  • Cap – Awful, but not his fault. didn’t expect him to die so easily.
  • Miles – forgot stealth and struggled for power
  • Hawkeye – Amazing. So mobile and damage. Almost won the game
  • Vision – was ok, nice being able to switch defence type

Game 3 v GOTG, Hammers and Extremis consoles

I had Miles, gwen, Valkyrie, panther, venom. Guardians had star-lord, drax, gamorra, nebula and corvus!

Set up miles in centre, gwen right, venom between them, Valkyrie and Panther right. Gotg had corvus centre, sisters left, Star-Lord and Drax right. This was an odd game. I was very worried about their damage output so was trying to be cagey but also had to go to left and right points. So panther went on point and was attacked by sisters but this allowed Valkyrie to get attacks. Luckily Corvus ended up sitting on back point. Gwen managed to web impact and webline drax so he was on my side then Venom dazed Drax.

Round 2 Valkyrie was dazed and I KOed Drax. Star-lord came forward for point so Venom and Gwen went after him. So it was 2-1 controlling points (thanks to nebula not counting). Round 3 I Koed Star lord and when corvus came in lost Panther and Valkyrie, but gwen could score backpoint.

Won 17-8

  • Panther was useful here, less damage but tanked quite well.
  • Valkyrie wasn’t very effective and died too quickly
  • Venom was excellent, shutting off re-rolls and drag being really useful
  • Gwen was great for speed and drags
  • Miles didn’t get to do much, just had to sit on the point.

So I finished 2-1, and thanks to VP diff 4th overall. I was very happy with that result.

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