A Tale of Two events, part 2

Event 2 was at 7th city collectibles near Nottingham this past sunday, 14th September.

I’ve been there previously for Aristeia! and guild ball. This was a four round event. This ended up being a bit rushed. 3 of my games went to time rather than actually finish.

I took defenders this time as the new hotness. One practise game a week before (which I lost) and frantic painting on Friday/Saturday to get Strange, Rider and wong done.

Game 1 v Cabal. Gamma and spider infected.

This was the same Cabal player I lost to at BiB. And pretty much the same team – Skull, modok, zemo, shuri, and wong.

I took Strange, Venom, Valkyrie, shuri and wong. I wanted Rider but couldn’t make the points work and wanted pushes and throws

My main mistake turn 1 here was trying to get two models onto the centre point. I put Venom on early and he took a lot of damage and then I got Valkyrie on. So I was up on VP but had taken damage. So round 2 modok went first and dazed venom, and then with cosmic envigoration dazed Valkyrie also.

I had to put Strange up but he was pushed off. I managed to daze Zemo and try to push modok back but skull kept bringing him back in. This was a mess really. Strange lacked the power to do anything and modok just ran the game. Lost 6-15.

  • Strange – not enough power to do anything. lacked mobility
  • Wong – turn 1 portal, otherwise order of activation problems
  • Shuri – no-one on point to push off!
  • Valkyrie – useful into modok, but he has too much health for her to get through before dying
  • Venom – had a good go at Zemo, but not good. was outranged by Modok

Game 2 v Defenders. Demons and Hammers

New Crisis! Mirror! This game was fun.

I played Strange (with soul stone this time), wong, Okoye, shuri, hawkeye and Valkyrie. Thought about hulk here but didn’t fancy low health. and also needed to get the hammers so needed wide threat. Other team was Strange (also with gem), Ghost rider, Miles, Agent widow, Wong

Rider took the left hammer so Valkyrie went for the right one. Wong moved up to back shelter and created a portal going back to Shuri and Hawkeye who were on left. Their Wong then put a portal from their back point to middle point. So Okoye was able to go to centre and Shuri to their back point to score both points. Hawkeye shot up Ghost rider and their Strange and miles moved towards Valkyrie. Turn 2 I dazed Rider and Widow, they dazed Valkyrie. I again had all 3 demon portals.

Top of turn two was crazy. Agent widow dazed Strange, Okoye and shuri using Doomed Prophecy and All in (but then died). I still scored 2 points because Rider went towards my right and Valkyrie rather than contesting. Valkyrie had dazed miles and almost got Strange.

it was 12-8 at end of round, but there was only 10 minutes left so we called it.

  • Strange was a bit better hear cos he got into it. But he still got dazed to widow despite spamming defense. but that is a lot of attacks.
  • Shuri was pretty key – shooting people off points, upgrades would have helped if not for AW spam!
  • Okoye again was useful but couldnt stop widow.
  • Hawkeye was pretty useful, slowing and then dazing rider. Moving easily between points.
  • Wong did the portal, not much after that.
  • Valkyrie scored a vp. but drew the whole other team out of position, so just her threat was great. also dazed miles, and should have had Dr strange.

Game 3 v Guardians, Spider portals and Civilians.

I took Strange, Wong, Hawkeye, Valkyrie and then Venom. Venom seemed bad versus energy attacks but after last event i knew if he could get in there he would wreck face.

I was up against Star-lord, rocket, groot, gamorra, drax and Ant-man!

Started Valkyrie left and DRS right with other three in centre to react. GOTG went ant-man and star-lord left, drax and gamorra centre and rocket and groot right.

Strange collected civilian and portal thanks to 2 energy from stone and Valkyrie attempted same on left but failed roll. Venom controlled back portal so Hawkeye was able to use Wongs portal to teleport to lefty and take 2 shots. 2 damage to Rocket and then dazed Gamorra! Lucky dice. Ant-man did some damage to Valkyrie but failed to control point. for some reason star-lord stayed back.

Round 2 Gamorra was KOed and star-lord was dazed. They seemed more worried about rocket and my models than going with models that were important. Brought Wong right to control point but he fluffed roll

Round 3 starlord died to Venom and Valkyrie and i threw drax away. Ant-man did a great move from left side to my portal to secure it. Managed to get a Suns of cinnibar off with Strange to daze groot and take out rocket. Is really hard to get off.

Again time was almost up so we called it 15-7 at end of round 3

  • Strange was better here. More offensive.
  • Wong did the portal, that was it.
  • Venom, Valkyrie and Hawkeye all caused a lot of damage.

Game 4 v Wakanda, formula and cubes

Being 2-1 and pretty tired i really wanted to play Hulk and Rider and thought i’ll have a laugh even if i lose. So i played formula to make sure there was at least 17 points. Gamma would have been so much better.

DRS, Hulk and rider v Wakanda 4 and venom.

Messed up at start. Gamma launched rider to get central cube and then went right to secure formula. But Panther got a RnD and grabbed both right side cubes. I could have just got right cube and had hulk go for centre cube and then i would have been up. Instead i was 4-5 down and it looked bad. I brought ghost rider and hulk back to the left so it was 3v2 but okoye tanked attacks on venom. And then when i did daze venom next round Okoye field dressing and medpacked him. Venom ended up dazing DRS and getting his cube and it was 16-10 at end of round 3.

I didn’t really mind as i wanted a quick game and to play my whole roster.

So finished 2-2 and about 14th of 24. Not as good as last time! Found Strange hard to use and fitting the big defenders into a lineup very difficult. Feel like they worked better with cheaper models so Rider and Hulk don’t get a look in.

Need to work on these event writeups – next time i will take notes and more photos!!

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