Covid-19 killed my blog

So Covoid-19 killed my blog…

Ok, so not really but it feels like it. I was on a good run at back end of 2019 and got ill at start of 2020. Then covid hit and it wasn’t playing minis or much else. Weekly Roleplaying was happening, but that was taking up my time and energy. Lockdown did afford me time to do things but i also had an 8yo in the house and school work and so didn’t have time for the blog. More importantly – what would i have blogged about anyway?

Come september and i managed two events and blogged about them. Then on 3rd October i went to an event and my covid app told me to self-isolate. Cue a week stuck in the house teaching lessons from home. I have another event now on the 24th and 2 in November but we are now in regional lockdown and where i live and the events are in “tier 2” so no events. And no local play.

So there is only TTS. Nope. My season 3 TTS goes like this:

  1. Play Someone i know IRL
  2. Play one of my local group
  3. Play someone new. Dice spike badly. Lose.
  4. Can’t arrange game. Get win due to this. bit naff.
  5. Other player drops.
  6. Manage to get a game.

So in 6 games i played 2 people i already know, 2 no-games and get 2 actual games. Trying to sort the games was an absolute pain. I also made the mistake of trying to play black order with no practise. So TTS3 was basically a disaster which puts me off playing online.

Which leaves me where i am. No live games to blog about. A lack of time to create anything to write about instead. No films to be excited about.

Essentially, i have had enough of covid. It’s made a mess of 2020 and i’m done. If you’re reading this, you might have twigged now this is really me venting and not a blog for reading. I might not even publish it. Was this cathartic…I don’t know. Roll on 2021…at least by then my pre-ordered Ps5 will be turning up.

p.s. so this isn’t a complete downer..

things to look forward to in what remains of 2020

  • Daughters Birthday
  • Conservatory being finished
  • Wandavision
  • Mandolorian S2
  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • PS5 (if i get one)

One comment

  1. Just to reply to my 2020 self.
    I did get a PS5, in 2020, on launch and it was great!
    Wandavision and Mando 2 were both great, and so was Falcon Winter Soldier.
    Cinemas haven’t reopened until May 17th, so that sucked!
    Cyber punk 2075 had issues but I really enjoyed it for a long while.
    The conservatory is great – we use it loads.
    And anny had a great birthday – in the conservatory.

    So there was cool stuff at the end of 2020, at in 2021, but it’s covid is still a thing, 6 months later!!

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