Mini-reviews Part 2

This week I will cover a few more systems. 3 of these are ones I’ve played in last few months.

Pathfinder 1e

The GoodOptions. Lots of books, so lots of character options
Bestiaries. There are 6, and they are all great
Adventure Paths. A whole bunch of full length campaigns
Ultimate campaign. A great book with awesome rules for running your own kingdom (although requires a spreadsheet). We actually only used this in a 13th age game…
The BadProbably too many options!
The adventure paths aren’t cheap. 6 parts to each path, each costing £15-20…gets expensive.
I used to subscribe which is the only way to get print and pdf but then shipping costs a load.
The Ugly Still Dnd 3e. Spells are still restricted. There are too many little fiddly rules and modifiers. Casters get way too powerful. massive HP bloat as you level up and fight bigger monsters.

Pathfinder 2e

The GoodOptions. The feat system is great. Both me and B created fighters. by Level 2 they are completely different.
3 action system. Makes actions very clear while letting you do cool stuff.
Clearer rules. Modifiers are now limited and easier to understand.
Background. Uses same world, so the background from 1e mostly still valid.
Support. Regular core books, setting books and APs being released.
The BadConditions. Why are there so many? And some conditions just give you other conditions…
The Ugly Like all dnd games spells are still restricted by casts per day. I know this is both for balance and historic reasons but my daughter just hates it.

Age of sigmar – soulbound

The GoodBasic system works pretty well.
Fleshes out the AOS world
Gives you archetypes, but you can also create characters from scratch
A lot of talents to build your character
Being supported well. Already have a load of adventures out, a campaign and more on way
Downtime rules are clever
The mettle and soulfire points make a real difference
The BadHard to fight high armor enemies – end up doing no damage at all.
Lack of variety in starting weapons
Casters feel way more useful in what they can do than non casters
The Ugly AOS setting is still quite weird and unclear to me.

Age system – the expanse

The GoodStunt points are great.
The fortune works great – use it for better dice, but it’s also your health.
Different traits for gear works well.
The BadCharacters have very few skills to start with so you are constantly rolling on your base stats and frequently failing. Luckily the fortune helps out with this.
There isn’t a huge amount to distinguish characters
Talents feel tagged on, they don’t do much.
The adventures are often confusingly written
The Ugly The book is awful. Hard to find things, some rules just seem to be missing. In my version the links take you to the wrong pages

In short, avoid Pathfinder 1e. Pathfinder 2e is a massive improvement but retains the good stuff.

The AOS rpg is off to a very good start. There are a few issues in combat, but generally we had a lot of fun playing this.

The Expanse has also been good. But its mostly down to the fortune addition to the AGE system. I was hoping that AGE would be my new go to, but without fortune i think the basic system will be a bit naff.

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