2d20 mod part 5, Classifying the variant

Part 5 Classifying the variants

Another short one before hopefully starting on the core 2d20 mod. Although that might take a while to nail. 

So having spent 4 weeks looking at the various systems i think we can classify the 8 systems (9 with Fallout) into 3 main categories:

  • Hardcore. The original 3 games. More crunch, more attributes and skills, focus linked to skills, hit locations, multiple damage tracks, generally more complex.
  • Narrative*. JCOM, Dishonored and Dune. All throw out a lot of rules for a simpler character creation and play experience. These are designed to both be quicker and easier but also reflect their respective worlds.
  • Core. Star Trek and A!C. These two fall in the middle. Have the combat and character creation similar to hardcore, but more flexible skills and talents and the traits from narrative. 

Core seems like the best place to build from. Tweak the skills and attributes and you can run a decent amount of genres. The 2 closest games cover sci-fi, horror, magic and modern so should be easy to work from here. If we want more crunch, we only need to add hit locations (and you get fallout), and some extra skills and damage tracks and we are in hardcore. Simplify the skill list (or remove it) and we have a more narrative system.

So that’s the plan for next time. Presenting a “modular core” system. Fingers crossed!

*Narrative is just a name for the opposite end of the spectrum to the crunchy “Hard-core”. I almost called it Soft-core. Decided against that. Lite/Light would also work.

Here’s another graphic:

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