2d20 Mod Rules, part 1 – Character Creation

Before the basics, I’m going with character creation! [1]

This won’t be complete, as some parts of this need later sections. Some of the default “core” options have alternatives. These are Mods, and let you tweak the core to what you want.

CC Mod Zero: Lifepaths
Rather than having so many points for each step you can use a lifepath to create your character. Of course, someone need to develop a lifepath option!

Step 1 Character concept

Same as any game, come up with a concept; this should include your background, role, ancestry and so on.

Step 2 Attributes

The core set of attributes are : 


All your attributes start at 6. You may lower ONE attribute to 5 to increase another to 7. You now have 20 points to allocate to attributes on a 1-1 basis. No attribute may be raised about 13, and only one attribute can be raised to 13.

CC Mod 2.1: Less attributesCC Mod 2.2: Different attributes
Don’t want 7 attributes? Here are some options:Drop Willpower or Personality.Drop Coordination, just use AgilityFor 6 Attributes you have 17 points to allocate.For 5 Attributes you have 14 points to allocate.You want a different set, feel free!Like D&D? Go with Str, Dex, con, Int, Wis, Cha.Like approaches? Use them.Prefer another 2d20 set – go for it!

Step 3 Skills and focuses

The Core Skill List is as follows:

Athletics, Close Combat, Education, Observation, Persuasion, Medicine, Ranged Combat, Resilience, Stealth, Survival, Tech.

Focuses are narrow versions of each of the above skill e.g. pistols or swords.

Your skills all start at 0. You have 16 points to allocate to your skills. No skill should start higher than a rating of 3. 

You can choose 4 focuses, these must be spread to at least 3 different skills.

CC Mod 3.1 Different SkillsCC Mod 3.2 Less SkillsCC Mod 3.3 More SkillsCC Mod 3.4 Focus as a stat
You want a different list of skills? If it still comes to 11 total, then just do it.You want to rename skills, not a problem. Call Tech engineering and Education Lore!Too many skills? Remove what you don’t like or pare it down. But you need less points now.10 skills = 15 points8 skills = 12 points6 skills = 9 pointsYou want more skills. Maybe one for vehicles, hacking or tactics or all of the above?Just add them, but adjust the points a bit.12 skills = 17 points15 skills = 21 points18 skills =  25 pointsThis is a bit less than 1.5 x skills.You don’t want focuses as specialisations, you want a stat? Ok, but it messes things up later, and it’s less interesting.You have half as many points to allocate to focuses for your skills as you have skill points.Focus can not start above 3, or above the skills rating.

Step 4 Talents

You have three talents to start with. Talents will be covered in more depth in a later section.

Quick Talents
Want talents now? Here are 3 basic talents, all linked to skills.Talent 1 – When you succeed on a skill roll, generate an extra point of momentum.Talent 2 – Reduce any difficulty modifiers by 1. This does not reduce the base difficulty, only extra modifiers like visibility.Talent 3 – You may use your skill for a purpose it is not intended for, without penalty.

Step 5 Traits

Choose 4 traits. These should be linked to your characters background, ancestry, role, career, personality or values.

CC Mod 5.1 No TraitsCC Mod 5.2 Another nameCC Mod 5.3 More
You think Traits are for pansies and hate all this narrative BS?! Then don’t have them.You don’t want to call them Traits? You prefer Aspects, tags or truths? Just change it, no-one minds!You want more than 4 traits? You’ve played Fate and can’t live without at least 7? Add a few more in. But 7 is probably the limit, okay!

Step 6 Equipment

Your character should have some starting equipment. This will be covered in more depth in a later section.

Step 7 Stress and Finishing off

Name your character and write a description for their appearance and personality.


The core assumption is one stress track, simply called Stress. Your Stress is your Brawn + Resilience or Willpower + Resilience (whichever is higher).

CC Mod 7.1 More TracksCC Mod 7.2 Missing skills or attributesCC Mod 7.3 No harm, just stress
You may want separate mental and physical Stress tracks.Easy, Physical stress is  Brawn + Resilience and Mental Stress is Willpower + Resilience. You want a 3rd track for Social or hacking or something else?Add the relevant attribute and skill.You don’t have Brawn, willpower or resilience? Just go with whatever makes sense!If you’re planning on having no injuries, wounds or harm, just stress then your stress needs to be higher.Add Brawn + Willpower + Resilience.


You have a basic degree of resistance from physical attacks (toughness) and mental attacks (courage). Toughness is based on your Brawn attribute and Courage is based on Willpower.

Rating8 or less910-1112-1314-1516+
CC Mod 7.4 More ResistancesCC Mod 7.5 Missing skills or attributesCC Mod 7.6 No Resistances
You want a Hacking or Social Resistance? Pick a relevant attribute (Intelligence, personality) and add it in.You don’t have Brawn or Willpower? Just go with whatever makes sense!You don’t want resistances? Remove it. TPK incoming!

Bonus Dice

You get extra dice in conflict depending on attributes. You get extra dice for Melee attacks based on your Brawn, and extra dice for your ranged attacker based on your awareness.

Rating8 or less910-1112-1314-1516+
Bonus DiceNone12345
CC Mod 7.7 More DiceCC Mod 7.8 Missing skills or attributesCC Mod 7.9 No Dice
You need dice for Hacking or Social attacks? Pick a relevant attribute (Intelligence, personality) and add it in.You don’t have Brawn or Awareness? Just go with whatever makes sense!You don’t want extra dice? Then leave them out. You hate your players don’t you.

Next up will be rules and combat i Guess.

[1] This all looked nicer in my google doc.

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  1. Will be a delay for part 2 – Bank Holiday weekend + Daughter using PC

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