2d20 Mod Rules Part 4: Everything and the End

So that’s the main body done; Characters, core rules, combat. So what else do you need?

Quite a lot, but pretty much everything else is setting specific. So I’ll provide a few suggestions and point you to the actual 2d20 books.

  • Mutant Chronicles: Dieselpunk, Good v Evil with corporations; Vehicles, Spaceships, Magic.
  • Infinity: Cyberpunk, Transhuman v Aliens; Hacking, Social combat.
  • Conan: Sword and sorcery; Monsters, Sorcery.
  • Star Trek: Science, Space combat.
  • Fallout: Post-apocalyptic; Survival, scavenging, crafting.
  • Acthung! Cthulhu: WW2 Horror; Magic, Monsters.
  • Dishonored: Steampunk Stealth; Stealth, powers.
  • John Carter: Planetary romance; Talent system.
  • Dune: Sci-fi Politics; Warfare, Intrigue, Assets.

Rather than using my 2d20 Mod base you can probably take these systems to hack to another setting, but I hope my articles will help you to make the transition easier. If you’re curious my 2d20 Mod skewed quite close to A!C as a base, with tweaks from other systems.

What other gaps would you need to fill if you used 2d20 Mod as a base?


Conan and A!C are pretty close and Star Trek can help. Remember if you look at Infinity or MC3 they used the old dice, so either use the old dice or adjust the damages.


Magic, Vehicles, Hacking and so on can all be replicated using skills, talents and basic attacks or see the various systems for help.


NPCs can be handled differently. You can craft NPCs just like characters, but increase skills and attributes. You can also use a more simpler stat block, with less skills and attributes.

Basic Monster

Physical: 8, Mental: 6, Social: 5. 

Combat 3 (11), Stealth 2 (10), Intimidate 3 (8)

Health 12, Physical Resistance 2, Mental Resistance 1, Injuries 3.

Claws TN 11, 6cd + Vicious

You can also use Mob/Minion rules. Where a minion group gets 1d20 for each member (up to 5d20), so becomes worse as they are killed off. They will have much smaller health per member.

I may come back and add some of these subsystems in the future, but there is plenty of 2d20 to play at the moment without hacking into other settings! I’m expecting the final Conan and Infinity books. Fallout, AC and Dune should all have books out soon, and we may even see homeworld this year. 2021 is a good year for 2d20!

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