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As of 17th May We can play Marvel Crisis Protocol in the UK again. Technically, we could play via TTS, but that didn’t really happen for me. I played in Season 3 and it was a disaster, opponents in the wrong bracket and time zone, a bye, and so I didn’t play in season 4.

I am now signed up for two events in the next month and a half AND am looking to play in TTS S5 AND am hoping to be playing locally as well. But I haven’t played since September/October and now I have a bunch of new models. I already owned all the models and had everything up to Dr Strange painted, plus Angela and Enchantress because we got them early in the UK.

So what new models do I own that I have not used:

  • Daredevil
  • Punisher
  • Taskmaster
  • Bullseye
  • Kingpin
  • X-men (Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Wolverine)
  • Brotherhood (Mags, Toad, Mystique, Sabretooth)
  • Inhumans (BB, Medusa, Crystal, Lockjaw)
  • She-Hulk
  • Scarlet witch & Quicksilver
  • Sin & Viper
  • Mr Sinister

That’s a lot of new models (23, plus I didn’t get to use Angela and Enchantress in competitive play, so basically 25 new models to play with). So how do I pick a roster!?

Firstly, I tend to start with models and/or affiliation and then pick the crisis. Some people go the other way, but I choose what I went to play with, then try to pick a crisis to match. So what models do I want to play with? So this is where I’m torn. There are older models i really like, but I also really want to try some new models. So I started playing with some rosters:

So first, what don’t I want to play:

  • Guardians – I was looking to play them at the end of last year because they were painted and I had Angela, but it didn’t happen, and now i’m just meh on them.
  • Spider-Foes, X-men, Web Warriors – All are factions I would love to play, but they have more models coming soon, so I’ll wait.
  • Wakanda – With only 5 models, I feel like this is a sub faction rather than a faction in it’s own right, but maybe.
  • Black Order – Just no. Tried it in TTS3, was a disaster.

So I’m considering playing pretty much everything else, but that leaves a lot of affiliations;

  • A-force
  • Avengers
  • BoM
  • Cabal
  • Inhumans
  • Synidcate
  • Asgard
  • Defenders
A-forceReally keen on this New models and Old models
Good leadership ability
6 point leader is a threat sink
Avengers Good leadership ability
New models and Old models
Cap is a bit dull
Have played in previous tournament
Cabal2 Leaders!!Red skull is still good
Modok in affiliation
Rest of Affiliation is meh
Is Sin any good??
BoM2 Leaders!!3 point leader6 point leader
Only 6 models in Aff.
All new models to play
InhumansLockJaw and Medusa!Blackbolt is dull.
Not convinced by Crystal
All new models to play
Syndicate Good leadership ability
Can play 2 affiliations easily
Is Kingpin himself any good?
DefendersHave new models, but also older models I knowPlayed in Last tournament
AsgardPlayed a lot, but not in tournamentPlayed a lot…not shiny

I thought doing pros and cons would help me out, but not really. I’ve probably ruled out Defenders, plus they have 2 more models to come. So now I’m down to 6.

So maybe I should look at which New models I really want to play and which old models I like playing with…

New models I really want to playOld models I like playing withNew models I wouldn’t mind trying out
Scarlet Witch

Mr sinister
Black Panther


Well A-force features highly there. But then so does Cabal, and BoM and Avengers…oh and Inhumans. So that didn’t help. I did consider trying a triple affiliation list with BoM, Cabal and syndicate, but couldn’t fit it all in. Cabal has 5 leaders in it, crazy!!

So let’s try throwing stuff out based on what’s coming and so I might be happier to play in a bit. So the next bunch of stuff is Cable/Domino, Deadpool/Bob and Luke Cage/Iron Fist. I would like to use Bob in Cabal – that would make things a lot easier threat wise. And I want to use Domino, and she can go in A-force. So I could delay having both of those factions until June 11th. I might be able to use some in the second half of TTS5, and I can definitely use one faction at the event in July. And Syndicate will be getting more models at the end of June with Mysterio. And then I’m guessing the falcon/Rhodey box will be out in july, so maybe I’ll hold off on Avengers. So I am left with 3 factions – Inhumans, Asgard and Brotherhood.

I did quickly try a dual affiliation BoM Inhumans list with Quicksilver in both, but it doesn’t seem that great.

So that’s where I am. 3 possible single affiliation rosters, and no idea which one to use…I have to pick one by 23rd for the TTS, so hopefully by next week I’ll have picked one.

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