MCP is back – Roster selection part 2

When we left off I was down to 3 affiliations: Inhumans, Asgard and Brotherhood. Of these I wasn’t that keen on Inhumans, because Black Bolt is both meh as a character in the comics and the game for me. I decided I would probably run an Asgard-A-force list for the IRL event i’m going to at the beginning of June.

IRL Roster

This started off as an Asgard list, but I’m not that keen on Loki because I think he really needs a Gem, and don’t want to use a slot for that. So I had 5 Asgardians, all female (I made a female thor model), 2 of whom are already A-force and I thought I’ll add in some A-force models. This list also had the benefit of only needing to paint up three models; She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Medusa. I haven’t looked much more at this roster for now, I’ve got 2 weeks to tweak it.

For the TTS roster I wanted to use lots of models I haven’t painted yet to try them out, So started with Brotherhood. This gave me the initial 6 models. After some discussion on the MCP discord I dropped Sabretooth and added in Okoye, Angela and Valkyrie. I was then considering Mr Sinister, but again at this point realised I had 4 A-force models, so decided I may as well add in A-Force, so took She-Hulk and then I wanted another thrower, so toying between Captain Marvel and Medusa went with the latter because she is new.

TTS Roster

For tactics cards I started off with all the character-specific cards which very quickly got me to 8 cards. But then I decided that was a bit silly and I really only wanted the absolute best affiliation and character cards, 2 restricted cards and then 2 movement cards. This way I can always have 5 cards that are useable regardless of lineup in each game. Really wish you could have more than 8 cards – it seems very restrictive.

My TTS Tactics Cards

Lastly for the crises I wanted to take advantage of Angela and Quicksilver by having F extracts if I could, and then preferring secures that you don’t need to interact with.

My TTS Crises

Do I think this roster is going to be all-conquering? Not a clue. I’m running 7 models I’ve never used and 6 tactics cards I’ve never used. It could be a complete mess. I hope it goes better than Black Order, at least I have sort of idea what I’m going to be doing! And I should be able to get a few IRL games in before I have to run this in the TTS. Next week I should be able to report back on how things are going!

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