TTS season 5 part 2 Roster swap!

So Brotherhood is dead, long live ?? No idea!

Let’s go back to the models again, there’s a few new additions:

New models I really want to playOld models I like playing withNew models I wouldn’t mind trying outModels I want a break from
Scarlet Witch
Mr sinister
Black Panther
Luke Cage
Iron Fist


I bottled playing She-Hulk in 3 games, so going A-force seems Silly. Also, better to go for a Non-Angela affiliation, so Asgard is out also.

And I’m still ruling out Black Order, Guardians and Spider-Foes.

So that leaves:

  • Avengers
  • Cabal
  • Inhumans
  • Syndicate
  • Defenders
  • X-men
  • X-Force
  • Wakanda

I need to throw some more out. I don’t fancy any more 6 threat leaders, And Strange is basically that, so Defenders are out. I can’t bring myself to play Black Bolt, and I also don’t want to play the same few models every game trying to make affiliation (BB, Medusa, Quicksilver/Lockjaw = 12 threat) so Inhumans are out. 

So which factions have different cores So I’m not always playing the same?

  • Avengers – Plenty of choice. 2,3,4,5,6 threat models to play with.
  • Cabal – 2 leaders. Good 3 and 4 threat characters. Tempting to just crutch on Modok though.
  • Syndicate – Awkward core. Need to take Kingpin and both Crossbones and Tasky, or 1 of them and Modok or Killmonger (10,11,12 threat). Bullseye is awful, I can’t take him. That doesn’t leave much room for variety in the rest of the list.
  • X-men. 6 models now, but I’m not sure I would take beast, so really only 5. But with 2 leaders and a mix of 3,4,5 threat there’s variety here.
  • X-force. Only 5 models here, but the leader is 5 threat, and then 2 4s and 2 3s. That’s not great for roster building.
  • Wakanda. I would always use the same 3 models for 9 threat. Which means I can put other models in easily…

I feel like only playing models I haven’t used. No Okoye, Modok, Valkyrie, Venom, Panther. That rules out Wakanda.

Can i still be competitive? I didn’t feel competitive in first 3 games but I won 2. Taking better tactics might help for a start!

I’m currently toying with a couple of different ideas;

One thought is Avengers, but with Ghost rider. I like the idea of bodyguarding people so you can’t hit who you want and ghost rider punishes you. But it will only work on certain secures. Can add another X force model (deadpool) for 2 affiliations.

Another thought is an X-force, X-men list. But add in Iron fist and Wong to in theory make Iron fist attack more viable. Again I’m not sold on this.

A combined Syndicate / Cabal list but only with Sin. SINdicate if you will.

It has tanky models to sit on points, or can go wide. Mr Sinister has 3/4 targets who can either ignore his damaging tactics card or heal it back. But unfortunately then he wouldn’t have a proper 2 point option to bring in, so I have to go for a 3 threat.

Or I forget dual affiliation and just run straight up Sin and the crazy gang. Throw in rocket as a Cloning target, or maybe nebula. Is Sin’s leadership any good? I’m not sure, but no-one would expect it. Can also drop Taskmaster for someone else. And maybe swap Killmonger for Zemo. Or possibly Bring in Cable and Wolverine for more healing and X-force dual affiliation.

So I think I’m getting closer to a new roster. Come back next week when I should have an answer (because I have to submit it!!)

Comments Welcome Here!

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