TTS5 round 3 and part 1 roster review

So we’re halfway through season 5 regular season.

Game 3 I was playing Lee “Hammy” Hamilton. He was a really friendly guy, just like all my opponents so far. I forget to make any notes or take pictures during the game so this write-up will be short might be not fully accurate.

I won priority, chose extracts and picked spider infected and Hammy picked Mists. We played on a roundabout map with the fountain and I chose 20 Threat. I set up Angela in the centre (obvs) and Valkyrie and Medusa on my left against his Agent Widow, Scarlet Witch and Okoye. I set-up my Toad and Magneto on my right opposite his Medusa, Valkyrie and Shuri. He was able to place his models much better against me due to priority and having more models. He was playing A-force but had taken She-hulk as he was worried about Magneto wrecking her. 

Turn 1 Angela got the middle extract and went right. Okoye got his left extract and then Medusa pulled her in but Valkyrie failed to damage her on the charge later on. I was able to get Valkyrie on to the secure which I tied as only Widow was on it. His valkyrie used throw to pull up my Toad (who had an extract). This gave me enough power (with throwing stuff) to Asteroid M Magneto up the board to attack Valkyrie. I managed to get 6 hits against none so dazed her in one attack. That was really un/lucky. It meant Magneto could move to the secure, and Shuri came up to hold the point as well to prevent me scoring it. He couldn’t shoot me off as I had power to defend. So Round 1 was 3-2 to me.

Turn 2 Magneto was able to KO Valkyrie and Daze Shuri using reverse polarity followed by the Area attack (and a building at shuri). At some point in Turn 2 Scarlet Witch dazed my Valkyrie. I managed to score the right mist and 3 extracts so the score went to 8-4.

At some point in turn 2 or 3 my Valkyrie dazed Widow.

Turn 3 I didn’t have priority and Scarlet Witch KOed Valkyrie and moved away with an extract. Medusa failed to Daze Angela so Angela went after Shuri and KOed her. I actually didn’t want to when I did so I could move onto the secure using sword of stars placement. Instead I used Angelic Assassin. My Medusa failed to daze Scarlet Witch, but Toad was able to come over to the left and score the secure. Magneto picked up the extract from the right side and KOed Medusa, even though I couldn’t re-roll dice. I had both secures and 3 extracts which took me to 15-6. If I had got Scarlet Witch it would have been game.

Turn 4 was a foregone conclusion. Scarlet Witch dazed Toad but failed to daze Medusa. This time Medusa did daze Scarlet Witch, but was then dazed by Widow. It was a secure each and 2 extracts each for a final score of 19-10.

I was pretty happy with this game, Other than my poor roster meaning I didn’t have certain cards everything went well and I didn’t really make mistakes. Some of the dice for me were really good, but Hammy also twice managed 5 damage on 4 dice…

Mid Season Roster Review

So how did I find the team after 3 weeks? (yes it was only 3 games, but it feels longer). Quick summary and marks our of 10.

Magneto – Solid both in offense and Defense, good leadership, but it is awkward to leverage at times. His S move can be an issue, but not in the TTS. 8/10

Mystique – Used in 2 games. Did a bit. Her attacks are just awkward. 5/10

Quicksilver – Only used in 1 game. He didn’t do much. Need to have R&D to leverage his speedster and taking a card for him was dumb. 4/10

Scarlet Witch – Only managed to take her once due to her high points cost (managed all 3 games in Event) but she was good. Can go down quickly under fire, but doesn’t seem to. 7/10

Toad – Used in one game and he was very useful, especially for 2 points. 6/10

Angela – Used twice. Did very little in game 2 but was great in game 3. Can die quickly, so needs to pick her targets carefully. Still not convinced that taking her for 5 threat is a good use of threat. Did better in TTS than she did in event. 6/10

Okoye – I never actually took her, just didn’t have a game where she fitted. N/A

Medusa – was very useful game 3, even if she didn’t do as much damage as she should. She was as much threatening as useful. 7/10

Valkyrie – did well in both game. Charge is useful, as is the cheap throw and 6 health on health side. 7/10

She-Hulk – I never considered playing her in Brotherhood, and only really considered A-Force in last game. If I continue with Brotherhood, will drop her. N/A

Makes me think I should just play A-force. Wish I didn’t have to take She-Hulk as leader.

Lets have a look at the cards with a view to changes for part 2.

Asteroid M – Can be awkward to use but was used to great effect in both winning game.

Doomed Prophecy – never used it. Only took it when I couldn’t take other cards. Will drop.

Medpack – So useful. Missed it in the event.

Special Delivery – no She-Hulk = no need. Shouldn’t have taken it.

The Whims of Chaos – Played once and it was useful.

Climbing gear – An absolute must with Magneto and Scarlet Witch.

Deception – never managed to use it. Should be good, awkward to leverage.

Tactical Analysis – was key in my last game, but probably not needed.

The F shape secures were good for Angela but bad for rest of team. And Infinity formula was pointless when I have so much power. Will need to rethink crises.

So what next? Will I stay with Brotherhood? I doubt it. 6 tournament games with them in 3 weeks (5 in last week) is probably enough for now. 

So what do I Fancy?

A-force, Syndicate, Defenders, Avengers, Cabal, Asgard. 

Back to square 1 – read the next blog to see what happens!

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