MCP X-Force Review

I haven’t played a lot of games with or against X-Force, but they are my next TTS team, and I also hadn’t played games with Spider-Foes and people liked that blog – so give the people what they want!

Deadpool’s Healthy side looks pretty bad. 4 Health and 3 Phys Def. Pseudo rapid fire which doesn’t gain power. He can go down easily. But that’s not a bad thing. On his second side he has Maximum effort, 6 health and still counts as healthy. He also re-rolls a die in both attack and defense on both sides, and has healing factor 2 AND if he has Chimichangas he can heal an extra stamina (and gain power). All his front side attacks are actually good, but not amazing. In the current meta his “unicorns” power is pretty handy, and being able to steal power is niche, but potentially game changing. But the thing I really love is Dance Party! On 7 dice (with one, or 2 re-rolls with Cable, or 3 with zemo) You should hit a wild. DP then advances and does 1 damage to everyone within 2. This means you can move to avoid allies, or hit more enemies. And since you gain a power for each hit, you can probably do it again. Deadpool is good in X-force, but also in Criminal Syndicate.

Hot Toke Tier: B.

Domino does not look like much. Standard stat line. 4 Dice builder which auto gains 1, but rapid fire is a trigger. 3 cost spender for 6 dice. And that’s it. It’s in play that her superpowers bring her to life. Grenade bounce is great. Range 4 auto incinerate for 1 power, which can deal more damage in range 2. Lucky shot does not give power for damage. And her probability stuff is great. We’ve seen on Corvus and Wanda how being able to use skulls is good. Yes, Domino has to pay power to count skulls as crits, but she does it before the crits are resolved. Being able to count skulls is such a big deal, especially when you have re-rolls as normally, that’s what screws your rolls. In addition, enemies not getting to roll extra dice for crits is huge – it really clamps down on spikes. Black-Cat should have had this ability. These small things on her card have such a big impact on how she plays on the table. She may not look much, but she’s got it where it counts.

Hot Take Tier: A

Cable has a lot going for him. 5 dice range 5 energy attack with a wild incinerate is a good starting point. He looks like he lacks defense, but he has Dr Stranges’ Shield ability which buffs both his and his teams Defense. This would also be good in Rogers Avengers where it will only cost 1. His leadership is ok, free re-rolls are always good but you only get 1 a turn. He has a decent throw, being able to throw size 4 if he needs, and only paying 2 for size 2. What I really like is that he can teleport for 2, and always has 2 power. So If you need him to move, he can, without using an action. Plenty of characters can do extra movement, but most lack the power to do it early on. Cable can teleport and still move twice for extract grabbing (use R&D for an extra power) or teleport can get two shots off. his spender is pretty good. 7 dice, heals, potential stagger in an area is good, but it also costs 6 power. So on paper and on table he is good. But is he 5 threat good? I’m still not sure. He only seems a bit better than some 4 threat leaders, and I’m not sure he’s on Thor’s Level. Time will tell!

Hot Take Tier: B

Technically Bob isn’t X-Force. But If you want Deadpool, you get Bob so…

Bob is one of the scariest models in the game. For 2 threat. Really? Yes, there are a number of big damage attacks, but all have massive power costs, and/or are only on the injured side and in some cases you never see these attacks. Bob is guaranteed to get off a range 4, 9 dice attack that does 2 damage within 2. That makes taking central line secures really scary when Bob is opposite you on the table. 9 dice will one-shot many characters in the game. Yes, Bob will die after he’s fired it. But even this can be good. Use Bob to take a damage from Sinister, he’s dying anyway. He also can come back from being dead, which is handy for holding points later in the game (maybe). So yes, his stats are awful, and he is a joke character. But he’s also only 2 threat when a massive attack which your opponent should rightly fear.

Hot Take Tier: S (I’m kidding. Or am I? Fire off the rocket, stick him on a back secure for the rest of the game, job done). I’ll tone it down to… A

Other Faction Members

Currently we only have two.

Sabretooth fits in better here than hi does with Magneto. You can run 3 healing factor characters in affiliation so X-ceptional healing is worth it. Cat and Mouse means he can start within range of a central secure to move and attack. And he gets a re-roll from Cable. He is still a bit pricey at 4 threat, but he’s at least useable. [C]

Wolverine is similar to Sabretooth, fitting in better and getting more use. If you run him and Sabretooth Weapon X training becomes a consideration as well. He Tanks well, and puts out the damage. [C]

Would I run both of the above? I doubt it, but it might work better with cards.

So who else should we take in our Roster or should we run a second affiliation? Utility cookie has already a better job than I could here and here, but I’ll give a few suggestions.

Take Zemo, Enchantress, Skull or Sin and Sinister (and Bob) and you have some decent options for X-force, another affiliation and can try Sinister / Healing factor jank.

Take Cap and you have an Avengers affiliation. Cap + Cable + Deadpool + Wolverine is very tanky. Or use Sam for extra movement. From there add in Scarlet Witch, Black Panther and/or Vision for good meta picks. Or Hawkeye for more conditions.

Take Kingpin, Taskmaster and some other syndicate models as they work well with Deadpool, and can make use of the rest of your team.

Or Finally, pair with X-men. You have 2 or 3 X-men anyway. So add Cyclops and/or Storm and now you have a second affiliation. Storm seems good as you can hide your whole team at range 3+ and just snipe and always have cover.

See my previous post for what I’ve gone with for TTS!

Overall X-Force have started in a good, but not great spot. They really need some more models in affiliation, but they’re in a better starting spot than Spider-Foes, X-men or Inhumans were at launch.

Once we get Collossus, Cannonball, Feral, Boom Boom, Shatterstar, Warpath, Fantomex, Psylocke and Wolfsbane, then we’ll be good to go. So, 2023?

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