MCP Hot Take Reviews, the new leadership boxes

So Recently I’ve looked at 8 of the most recent models, I figure I may as well look at the other 4 we’ve had spoiled, the 2 newest Leader Packs, Amazing Spider-man and the new flying Captain America & their additional models.

First up his initial Stat-line looks pretty good. L move, 6 stamina, 2 defenses at 4. And we can now re-roll all defense (and dodge) dice. With 4 dice, that’s a big deal. Since we’re on powers, Witty Banter is nice, 1 power for re-rolling an attacking dice, although it doesn’t appear to work for Spidey on healthy side – wording is a bit weird. Web swing is nice, when we already have one of the fastest characters in the game thanks to the medium base, extra movement is Amazing!, and it adds extra damage to the builder. No throw as such, and no yanks, no maybe not quite feeding in to the team plan. 

His builder attack is 6 dice AND range 3, which is very good, and there is a difficult trigger for a place and extra damage. The spender is expensive at 5 power, but includes another move, and a wild (sort of) terrain throw. This Spidey is dishing out a lot of damage.

Finally his leadership is a bit odd. You pay a power to give out slow. OR if the target is slowed, you place them within 1. This could be really key round ⅔ onwards. If you are slowing people in the first few rounds, you can then be moving enemies easily. Combo this with characters that dish out slow and now you have a lot of cheap placement of the enemy. 

5 threat seems very pricey, but he is very survivable AND does decent damage AND is a great extract model. I think he will see a lot of play. There is a slightly odd clash with Miles. Amazing is good in Miles leadership, but then he isn’t doing any pushing. But Miles gets less benefit from Amazing being the leader. Be interesting to see how that plays out. I’m surprised he doesn’t appear to be an Avenger. If he was I think he would be in a lot of lineups. Instead he’s in Defenders, and they are already quite expensive as a faction. Soul Strange, Amazing and Wanda is 16 threat! I need to see this guy on the table to get a better read on him.

Hot Take Tier: B. or A. lets go A for Amazing!

Black cat looks like a 3 threat Toad…Is she worth the threat? L move is good, 5 stamina 333 Defense is standard. Her basic attack has pierce, but is only 4 dice and gains power based on damage, so not good. Troubleshooter is like Shuri’s gauntlets in that it can only do 1 damage, but it does stagger, only costs 2 threat and has a wild advance. It sort of feels like you’re losing 2 power and an action to make another character lose an action. Actually, that’s exactly what it’s like! But if that’s a 3 threat model costing Angela a move, or Modok, Magneto or Scarlet Witch an attack, it’s probably worth it. Extra moves via a super power are always good, as is stealth. Her defensive tech is disappointing, being the same as Angela and Medusa, not the same as Domino. Her big thing, Cat Burglar is good, basically being Enchantresses steal ability; same range, same cost, cheaper threat. The difference is Enchantress has 2 power every round, and a builder which reliably brings more power. Black cat does not. I think she will struggle to gain power and/or die in affiliations where she cannot get extra power. So not great for Spider-Foes, Syndicate or Web Warriors, but good for A-Force. If she was 2 threat, or had better power gain I think she’d see a lot of play; as is, I only expect to see her in A-force and maybe Inhumans. A pity.

Hot Take Tier: D. C in A-Force.

Steve Cap is in an odd spot. Avengers has the biggest roster in the game, although not net necessarily the best characters and Steve brings one of the best Leadership abilities, but is a bit lacking himself. Sam looks like the opposite of this. Totally bog-standard statline, other than L move. He brings Cap’s shield throw, which is ok as it gains 1 power at range, and his builder isn’t bad as both Sam and the target move. 4 threat is a bit steep for 6 dice though. It’s his powers that are neat. The shield gives him good defense, and he has charge, which is good, but would be more exciting if he had a good attack at the end of it. Air Lift is his coolest ability, being able to give other models a range 2 place is great. But with 3 2-cost abilities and a 4 power spender, I’m not sure he’ll have the power to do what he wants to. Bizarrely he will probably be better with other Cap as leader! His own Leadership ability is ok, and it grants a lot for a daze, but It’s still a bit odd – do I want my models getting dazed? It’s not like you plan for it. I was super excited when I first saw the card because of ranged attack charge and Air Lift. But he just seems a bit underwhelming.

Hot Take Tier: C

Is Rhodey a better Ironman? There’s very little on the card. He has 4 physical Def and Armor, which is great, but not quite as tanky as Lizard. His base attack is great, getting a beam which gives power for all damage. His second attack is situational but nice. His Spender is pretty solid. That’s it. This has to be one of the simplest releases in ages. He seems solid, if unspectacular.

Hot Take Tier: B.

Do Amazing and Cat add to Web Warriors. A new leadership so yes! I’m not sure Cat adds much though, I think she adds more to A-Force.

Sam and Rhodey make Avengers more interesting as they let the affiliation go wider and totally change the play style and a lot of current tech. Does Sam replace Steve as the main leader? I Doubt it, but there will be games where he does. 

2 Boxes which I find interesting more than anything else. Although Amazing is a must-buy just to get a break from Angela!!

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