MCP TTS Game 4

Game 4.

First X-Force game. I Lost priority (shock), but got extracts and chose cubes. He didn’t seem to have anyone that could get it turn 1, so I figured Cable could get it. The other player, playing Web Warriors chose Cosmic vaults. We played at 17 Threat.

I took Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Zemo, Gwen. After picking my main 4, I only had 3 threat left so it was Gwen or Storm. 

WW took Miles, Gwen, Black Panther, Daredevil and Valkyrie.

WW Setup quite centrally, I had Cable centre, Gwen to the right and could choose the others to go different ways.

Cat and Mouse 4TW

1st activation Black Panther took the middle point, and that was it. I figured I could get attacks into him so lobbed a grenade on with Domino, meaning I couldn’t pick up a cube. Cable put 2 shots into a DEF 2 Panther, for 1 damage. Even with re-rolls and blanks, against 2 dice I expected to do a lot better. Not much else happened. Deadpool moved left. Gwen and Daredevil went to the right point, Miles and Gwen sat on his back point. We Tied 4-4, 2 points, 2 extracts to me, 3 extracts and 1 secure to them. 

The vaults moved no-one, despite 5 rolls, and Black Panther ran away. Cable put 2 shots into Gwen – Miles had stealth and Gwen could lifesaver others, but no damage. Miles then moved and web kicked Cable for 6 hits, I rolled 1 hit with 5 dice. So he survived, but almost didn’t. DD failed to damage Domino, so at least she was doing her thing. WW did score the right secure so scored 5 points this turn for a 8-9 score.

Round 3, Valkyrie charged Cable, doing 1 damage despite spending a lot of power. In return Cabel managed 2 damaged, despite her being incinerated. That was about it. Panther and Cable both Medpacked. 12-14.

Round 4, Miles and PAnther ran away. Zemo charged Valkyrie needing 1 hit for the daze and getting her cube, no hits. Domino tried to take out Valkyrie and rolled 3 skulls, but only had one power. Lucky shot (6 dice) did no damage. Dardevil put 2 attacks into Deadpool for 2 damage. Deadpool does 1 back. No-one dazed. I score another 4, WW score 3 to end 16-17.

End State

The Dice were just awful on my end, and not great for Web Warriors. But when you have re-rolls and you’re relying on consistent rolls and don’t get them it’s hard to win. The Extract choice was wrong, I should have gone for an even number, but I would have just lost on secures I think. Rough game, and didn’t tell me a lot about my team. The WW player played well and made good use of cover and lifesaver. 

So I’m 2-2 for Season 5. 2 more games to go.

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