Big MCP weekend

So i played tts game 5 on Friday night followed by 3 round event on saturday.

I was playing a really nice guy called David. He chose Herbs and I chose infinity formula. I was surprised by Herbs and had no plan for it. I considered taking a long mover to get it, but figured cable can start further up AND has shields AND can move twice due to bodyslide.

X-Force – Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Bob, Enchantress

Brotherhood – Mystique, toad, quicksilver, sabretooth, Scarlet Witch

I thought about Zemo and Ghost-spider, but had taken both last round and wanted a change. That was a mistake! I was very surprised by his Mystique pick, but he said he normally takes her and runs wide.

BoM didn’t pick up their herb turn 1, preferring to keep quicksilver near, but stopping me scoring my right formula, while he scored his back 2. I had moved cable up via Cat n Mouse, then realised I couldn’t get to the herb in one move, and couldn’t move twice. I should have waited but instead I moved up to the point. Despite Scarlet Witch only being able to get one shot, Cable was Dazed by Wanda and Mystique round 1, on 2 defense rolls i rolled 1 block, and i had shields on 2nd roll…On the plus side Bob Dazed Sabretooth with one shot! Yay bob! 1-1.

Round 2 I figured Cable might not last so went in guns blazing to do his Area attack on Mystique, Toad and SW, but he only damaged SW and Mystique a bit, but dazed toad, more unlucky dice from Cable. SW KOed Cable and then used Asteroid M to go to the other side of the board. Domino managed to daze mystique at least. Quicksilver took the herb and ran back (at least he couldn’t use speedster) and that was about it. Sabretooth field dressings toad, toad scores herb. 2-6

Round 3 I manged to Daze Toad (again)but he used mission objective to pass it back to Sabretooth who then scored. Scarlet witch dazed Deadpool. Domino or Enchantress KOed Mystique. 3-13

Deadpool dazed Scarlet witch with MAXIMUM EFFORT! Domino eventually got my herb, but it was a bit pointless really. Quicksilver and Sabretooth scored 2 secures. 4-19

So I got Smashed, but I still really enjoyed the game. I couldn’t really blame the dice (although Cable sucked again) as I had mostly picked the wrong roster AND misplayed what I did pick, and David played a really solid game. But this then had a huge impact on my plans for the event on saturday…

So realising I meeded a plan for herbs, I went one step further and added herbs to roster. I did about 4 versions of this, around midnight. Deadpool was out, Viper came in. Nebula was replaced by Toad. At one point red skull was out and Mystique was in. Eventually i settled on this…but forgot to take new crisis cards!

Elysium Wargames, Pontefract, Saturday 26th June

Round 1 was against Brotherhood. They had priority and chose Legacy Virus and I Picked Gamma Wave.

Cb – Sin, Xbones, Modok, Enchantress, Toad, Bob.

BoM – Mags, SW, Quicksilver, Mystique, Toad

Sin grabbed the Left virus, His Toad grabbed the centre and Quicksilver grabbed the left. I used Enchantress to walk quicksilver closer, hoping to do more damage with Toad and MODOK. But before I could SW used Asteroid M to appear in my left side and Dazed Toad! only took one shot, so SW did damage to MODOK as well. Bob couldn’t get a Shot at SW because there was a size 3 terrain in the way, And he was out of range from the building he was on – very annoying. Instead he shot at Toad, but only did a few damage! Great Start! but 4-3 up.

Poor Toad!!

Wanda went first, Toad got KOed and Enchantress got dazed! Sin went early And I did a shot at mystique from Hit and Run and did 4 damage! So I took a second rapid fire and dazed her. Xbones then went and used the Illegal Tech Plasma Gun on Toad/Magneto but again did little damage. At least I got incinerate. Quicksilver starting moving off. Modok managed to daze Quicksilver. Magneto dazed Xbones, rolled none on a dodge v 5 damage. 7-7.

Sin dazed mags, but MODOK couldn’t kill Quicksilver. Quicksilver then dazes sin and KOs enchantress! Bob and Xbones managed to score the back point round 3. 13-10.

Round 4 I went for bitter rivals and a big turn with Sin and crossbones. They failed to damage as needed…MODOK did KO quicksilver, but Xbones was KOed and MODOK was pushed off back point for mystique to score it. 14-17. Close!

So game ended 14-17. I’d had the lead briefly but really the game had been a bloodbath and I didn’t have the tools to fight as well as BOM did. But it was another game where I had a lot of fun and didn’t mind losing.

Game 2 I was playing Quinn who had the new Spider Foes goodness. I won priority and chose Herbs, He chose Terrigen mists.

I struggled to get the points to work and ended up with Sin, Xbones, Viper, Mr Sinister, MODOK and Bob.

SF took GG, Ock, Kraven, Lizard, Mysterio, Nebula and Rocket. 7 wide!

I started by doing Forced Extraction on Bob, Sin (granting power) and Xbones for 3 samples. Mysterio moved up, but Sinister was able to move and Beam him because he only had 1 power and then walk him up to the others. But Sin and Bob couldn’t now move up as They had so little health Tricks and Traps could kill them! I moved Viper to a move away from the Herb and MODOK moved onto the mist token. Quinn had put sinister traps on the herb so I couldn’t go closer. Next turn I figured I could move viper, then when she was pushed away move back, then pick up herb and teleport. 2-0.

Unfortunately scoring the left Mist meant it got moved onto viper, poisoning her. So she couldn’t get the herb and teleport! Modok did however make GG walk into his own trap, which was funny! On the other side Kraven was able to pick up the herb and hit Xbones, move on wild, do a second attack and move again. A lot of damage and he’d escaped with the herb. He then came for Sinister big time so I was using all my samples just to stay alive. Bob’s rocket did very little. 4-2.

Viper moved, but wasn’t going to get far enough any time soon. MODOK moved Kraven away to make it harder to score. On the other side Sinister was still having to spend sample to Tank damage. 6-2

Round 4 it all went Pete Tong! Sinister dazed Doc, but he field dressined and dazed sin and KOed Xbones. Lizard KOed Sinister, and dazed viper. Nebula KOed MODOK. Rocket KOed Bob! 6-10 (bit of a swing)

We called the game for round 5, losing 6-18. There was no way to score more points for me! I’d picked Herbs but scored no points on it, giving 8 to the other side.

Game 3 board…interesting.

Game 3 I should have been drawn against the other 0-2 player but got GED who was 1-1. I didn’t realise this til later, and just assumed it was to avoid a repeated match, but it wasn’t. He had Defenders which I knew could do herbs easily, and he had herbs on him, So when I won priority I chose Hammers! He picked Demons.

I wasn’t sure about this one, but took Sin, Xbones, Enchantress, MODOK, Sinister.

Defenders were Strange, Wong, Valkyrie, Okoye and Hulk!

Valkyrie took right hammer and enchantress took left. Okoye came in to centre and I used MODOK to beam her and walk her closer down to me. But then I couldn’t get her with Xbones and Sin was too far on the right to help out. Hulk then came through the portal having picked up a hammer and starting beating on MODOK.

That was pretty much game there. I had to keep moving okoye to stop her bodyguarding. I was attacking Strange and Hulk but should have focused more on hulk. I did manage to do some damage with Enchantress, but not enough, She took Hulks hammer round 2 and did a 7 dice beam, but HULK dazed her. MODOK was ineffective and got dazed also. Round 3 enchantress put 2 beams into a zero defense Hulk (he rolled 2 thanks to strange) and only managed 5 damage, putting him close to KO, but not enough. Hulk KOed Enchantress and MODOK and dazed Xbones in one attack.

We were last playing, so we didn’t play round 4 as there was nothing I could really do to stop him scoring all the points. I lost 6-20. The game again had started ok then swung – 3-4, 6-7, then 6-13, 6-20. This game I didn’t enjoy – Nothing to do with Ged, I was just fed up with bad dice again. So many of my defense dice rolls were coming up with nothing or 1, my re-rolls didn’t help and on the other side Hulk was always getting 2or3 blocks on 1-3 dice. I was very frustrated. Even just writing this has annoyed me again!!

So that went well. Modok was probably a mistake, he didn’t do much in 3 games, but cost 5 threat. Maybe I should have gone wider? Think I just needed some more defensive tech.

Sin. Leadership did nothing. Either it wasn’t relevant or I forgot to check. Her damage was ok, but she died easily. Trying to keep her safe but relevant is hard.

Crossbones was good. Took a lot to put him down, and he did good damage.

Illicit tech was great every game

Enchantress was unlucky game 1 but good game 3. I hate her defenses. It’s good at the start, but mid game she’s getting wrecked.

Mr Sinister never got to use clones, but was able to tank damage with samples. And his attacks are all good. He was focused on in both games. So didn’t do what I wanted, but did a job

Viper failed at her one job. That was unlucky. Still think she is good.

Bob had 2 good games this weekend and one bad. I like him.

Modok was poor. Bad damage, just didn’t do what I needed him to. Was really unlucky with dice but he needs help. Almost all his rerolls failed.

Toad died having never taken an action. Can’t really judge that…

I never took skull or zemo.

So a bad day really, or at least that’s how I felt at the end. I was happy up to lunch! Nice people, good venue, but bad dice and a lack of prep and proper planning cost me. Quite annoying that first event on Longshanks is first time I haven’t had 2 wins! Then I got home and Wales lost 4-0 to Denmark. Ugh. Sunday got better!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your reports even if the games (and the last one in particular) didn’t go to plan.
    What do you think would have been a better choice than MODOK? He’s generally been a pretty good performer for me… or at least taken a lot of work to deal with if the other player wants to focus on him.
    I did find it quite ironic that Viper’s fate was sealed by getting Poison in game 2 of your tournament.

    1. It was indeed ironic that viper was poisoned. Im not sure who could stand up to hulk. Modok just didn’t do the damage i needed. Bow was useful, but i also had sinister and enchantress. Scarlet witch may have been a better 5 point option. Really I’m just rusty playing modok

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