MCP: Spider Foes roster selection

So I went 0-3 at an event playing Sin Cabal. Doh! So the next day I built my spider-foes and played Brian, Criminal Syndicate Vs Spider-Foes. Foes won. And all the best players on my side were spider-foes. Admittedly I picked neutral crises and he had Kraven, but Foes it is!

A Foes roster looks easy;

  • GG
  • Doc Ock
  • Venom
  • Kingpin
  • Carnage
  • Mysterio
  • Kraven
  • Lizard

Done! Hmm, need more models. And do I need all these? First, who do I want to add?

  • Gwen – web line, lifesaver, long move
  • Rocket – range 5, 2 threat
  • Enchantress – duh!?
  • Toad – 2 throat, extra move, take objectives
  • Deadpool – My current flavour of the month

And If I want Kingpin, I can flex syndicate. So I really want more syndicate models, as It’s only really kraven and Mysterio and they don’t seem great syndicate picks

  • Taskmaster – surprisingly tanky
  • Crossbones – tanky
  • MODOK – floating head

Now I have 16 models!? Better go back to the SF!

  • GG – have to take him
  • Doc Ock – do I need him. Well laid plans is so good. He has a throw.
  • Venom – Web snare. Snacks. Heals. Is Venom.
  • Kingpin – is so slow. But hits hard. And tanks
  • Carnage – so much damage. 
  • Mysterio – in play so far he’s been amazing. So unique. 
  • Kraven – must take to bump all the 4 dice builders
  • Lizard – THE tank.

So Kingpin and Doc Ock seem the most likely drops. Kingpin is good, but isn’t really adding to SF. Plus when I play CS I have to play him, so he can rest for now. And then I don’t need the CS affiliated extras. That’s freed up 3 slots. So Gwen, Rocket and Enchantress are in. Deadpool doesn’t make it. Toad or Doc Ock. Toad probably brings more than Doc Ock, but Well Laid Plans is such a good card. I’ll keep Ock for now. If I don’t play him, he’ll be out and Toad will be in.

Tactics cards are hard! I want Well Laid Plans, Sinister Traps and Neogenetic Recombinator. But Carnage has a 2 cards and Venom, Mysterio, Kraven and Lizard all have a card. That’s 9 cards and I’ve taken no restricted or key cards. Some of the character cards aren’t that could. Lethal Protector, Carnage rules and Grand Illusion are in, the others are out. 2 slots left. Got to take Bitter Rivals right? 

That leaves 1 slot for Medpack or Patchup, Brace, Doomed prophecy, All you’ve got, Advanced RnD, climbing gear. Ugh, Spider foes got too good! I’ll probably take Medpack. But I am so tempted to take Doomed Prophecy and see if Carnage can get off 4 10 dice attacks in a turn. 

Crises next. I want hammers to bump those builders. And Cube gives me power which I can heal in 3 instances while damaging enemies. I can also potentially prevent central extract with Sinister traps, so I will also take legacy virus. I like B extracts, so I’m taking Mutant Madmen and Infinity Formula. And I want an E map, but don’t really fancy gamma, so I’ll take Demon’s. Lower defense and using leadership should help me out. 

And that’s it! Will it be good. Not sure. But I get to use one event on Saturday as a test and then have a second event on Sunday! Hopefully I’ll come good at one of them.

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