MCP: End of TTS and X-force Review

So I had my last game of TTS Season 5, so there will be a quick write-up, a season review and an X-Force review.

Game 6! I lost priority and we got Sword and Research Station. My opponent chose 14 points.

I chose Cable (considered Storm, but not played her yet), Domino, Deadpool, and then Gwen.

They took Red Skull, Sinister, Zemo and Shuri.

My Domino took the right console and zemo took the left console. Cable moved up and shot Zemo for 3 damage but didn’t manage to flip the console. Shuri shot him off the console. I moved Deadpool to flip the centre point. Sinister moved up but whiffed an attack. Gwen moved up to score the centre point. 5-0 X-Force.

I used the consoles to move Zemo away, and moved the researcher up the table. Zemo went first and attacked deadpool but only managed 2 damage.

Deadpool did 2 damage to Zemo, dazing him and then moved to the researcher. Shuri moved to be able to shoot deadpool and pushed him off the researcher. Cable moved up to the console with his teleport and flipped it and took 2 shots at shuri dazing her. My opponent decided that He wasn’t going to easily stop me scoring 5 points again due to me going last and was going to win so decided to concede. I’d also had computer problems and they had had problems with TTS. So he called it. He figured a 22-0 win, I thought I would score the extra researched points next turn so it might be 17-0. I don’t actually think it was going to be that easy, he still had 2 4 threat characters running around. So I was likely to win, but not that easily. So A first win for X-Force

TTS Season 5 Review

3-3. Pretty happy with that. Certainly better than season 3 where my wins where due to people who couldn’t schedule or Byes. Switching affiliations was a mistake. I was doing okay with brotherhood, but didn’t know how to do well with X-Force and really struggled in my first 2 games with them.

In terms of the actual TTS as a platform. I enjoy Playing MCP and being able to get games is great. The automation makes certain things great and overall the Mod is superb. But TTS itself has issues; the “physics” can cause weird issues with clipping and overlapping and for some reason my PC keeps resetting playing TTS. In game 1 it was 4 times, and having had 4 stable-ish games I had 3 resets in game 6. I thought it was temperature or the settings but Having changed a lot of stuff after game 1, to then have the same issues in game 6, I’m not so sure. I’ve also had lots of games where it doesn’t load correctly and one player cannot roll dice or press other buttons. And despite the automation games seem to take a lot of time. I think without the time pressure of an event people take too much time. Most of my games were way over 2 hours with one over 3. I’ve also used TTS by myself and used my PC for loads of other stuff with no isses. If I can’t fix these problems, I won’t be playing season 6. Even If I can I’ve found scheduling a pain. Trying to find a whole evening I can play a game is hard now life is (more) back to normal. I guess If they run it on Longshanks I will be more likely to play!!

X-Force Review

Firstly I never ran Wolverine, Sabretooth or Storm. There just never seemed a time to bring Wolvy or ST in. I would have loved to run the 19 threat X-Force team but I played at 17, 17 and 14. So they didn’t really fit in game 4, game 5 I took enchantress to maybe steal the herb and game 6 couldn’t easily fit one in. Storm I just didn’t know what to do with.

Cable – ran every game. Was ineffective in game 4, misplayed in game 5 and pretty good in a game 6. I’m still not convinced. His shields and cost make him like Strange. But Strange also heals, generates more power (with stone) and has the ability to re-roll a bad roll. Cable wants to be near his team, but has a range 5 attack. But a range 2 area spender. His kit doesn’t fully make sense. His teleport is really nice. But other than that I have been unimpressed. He’s good against Shuri though – She can’t really stay away from him. 5/10

Domino – good every game. Being able to counts skulls as crits and your opponent not exploding crits makes her great. And all 3 of her attacks are good. She is as good as people expected. 8/10

Deadpool – hmmm. He is odd. His attacks are a bit rubbish, but he gets a re-roll. His second side is better, but I don’t want to have to rely on that. He’s quite good at surviving on a point thanks to re-roll and healing factor. And he has 2 good cards (3 if you count x-ceptional healing). I think Wolverine would probably do a better job for only 1 more point. And it would save me taking cards for Deadpool. So he can be fun, but he can also be useless. 6/10

Enchantress – only used once, and mis-positioned her. But she’s still solid. Keeping her close to Cable would keep her a lot safer. 7/10

Zemo – His re-rolls didn’t help at all in game 4. And he wants to be close to his team, but also charging away. So didn’t work as well as I wanted. 5/10

Gwen – She was good in both game. the long move was useful and her control is good. She’s very squishy though. 6/10


Advanced R&D – unlike BoM where I needed it for jank I didn’t in these games, but I could have!

Brace – Didn’t come up against throw teams – but still useful in current meta, especially for enchantress.

Medpack – Always useful.

Cat and Mouse – a 2″ place is amazing. Can mean Sabretooth can steal a central extract 1st activation and escape. Or Just moving Cable up every game.

Chimichangas – Good, but I didn’t play it.

Yoink – useful but means Deadpool needs to be near team, and often he was holding a flank.

So X-Force are clearly not as good as brotherhood, or at least they are harder to play. I’m pretty sure there is a good team there but I think I was trying to play them wrong. I think If they are grouped up close they might work better but I got caught playing on secures that spread them out too much. Positioning seems more key with them than some other teams I’ve played. Similar to how I found Black Order hard as positioning is so important.

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