MCP: A-Force Roster building and Review

So as you may have read here and here I had a bad day with Spider-foes and needed a new roster. I basically crossed off factions I wasn’t comfortable with. I then checked the TTS season 5 rankings to see what factions they had taken, but that didn’t really help. I manged to narrow this down to 5. But overnight decided I might run Defenders so was back to 6.

So I did the opposite of recent rosters. Instead of kicking out the best models I wrote down all my favourite models that I am comfortable playing to see what affiliation I might be able to run.

  • Okoye,
  • Shuri
  • Valkyrie
  • Angela
  • Enchantress
  • Medusa
  • Scarlet Witch

So, basically this is A-Force. I was still dubious about She-Hulk, but I added her and then wanted Thor and Black Panther as well to give me more affiliations, in case I got a bad match-up. But then I remembered I wanted Domino as well. So I dropped Thor to Have 8 A-Force Models + Panther for Wakanda + Enchantress cos..she good. So I had this:

This roster went 3-1! Not bad! To see more on how they got on, look here.

So how did they get on individually?

  • She-Hulk – Was immense. Yes she can die. But played on a flank she wrecks pretty much anything. And I even sent her central ans was fine because she can throw people away. Teamed with Shuri and Okoye, It’s not that hard to keep her safe. and her Leadership is amazing. Have so much extra power. 8/10
  • Okoye – Got killed easily in 2 games, but was a useful secure holder in another game and tanked a lot under Wakanda. 7/10
  • Shuri – Helped me win 2 games. Misplayed her in the other 2. Barely even got to use upgrades. Her pushes are so good. 8/10
  • Valkyrie – Was so ineffective in attack. But the 2 cost throw is so useful as is 2 power on round 1. Need to pick her targets well. Struggled against Taskmaster and Black Panther, but they have good defensive tech. 7/10
  • Angela – never played her. Hard to fit a 5 threat model into A-force
  • Enchantress – Won game 1. Didn’t play her after that. 8/10
  • Medusa – before she was glaived she was doing ok. 6/10
  • Scarlet Witch – Super helpful in Wakanda for damage output. 7/10
  • Domino – Grabbed a center point and survived a round. 7/10
  • Black Panther – Being able to throw him into harms way and have him survive helped get the win. And his Leadership helps also. 8/10

Specific Cards:

Stalwart Determination – Really useful. In all 3 games It kept me in the games scoring VP. Should have played it earlier in game 2.

Special Delivery – Lack of flyers to play it. Next time I need Storm, Wasp, Crystal, Cap Marvel…The only time I took it I needed to send Enchantress and Shulky different directions.

No More Mutants – Helped me win game 3 as it stopped Angelic Assassin. such a good card.

So the roster worked great. Not surprising when you can take most of the best characters in the game in affiliation. What would I change? I need a B secure. And I need to work on a central brawl game in case i’m forced into it. And I’d like to try it without Panther so I can take more flyers. I’d also consider Black Cat. If she can sit on a secure for a few rounds gaining power. Then move in, stagger and steal and then move away – sounds great.

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  1. […] Then I was ill over night (I’ll spare you the details) and only managed between 3 and 4 hours of interrupted sleep. And I didn’t feel up to drinking Coffee so I was pretty tired when I got to the venue – Board in Brum (which is not in Birmingham, it’s Wolverhampton/Walsall). And I hadn’t decided on a roster. I had come up with one in the middle of the night which was basically picking lots of good models I like and seeing what affiliation I could make. So, basically A-Force. For More info, read here. […]

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