MCP: Which affiliations and characters are hard to play against, and why?

Okay so I haven’t played huge amounts of MCP, but I have played a lot of tournament games. In the last year I’ve played 2 seasons of TTS and 5 IRL events. So I’ve played against a lot of different people, playing different affiliations in competitive games.  

Played AgainstWinsLosses%
Black Order10%
Criminal Syndicate2250%
Web Warriors1325%
That’s a lot of losses!

Now this is not an article on how to beat hard teams. This is an article of why certain teams and characters ARE hard, and what to watch out for. If I knew how to beat them, I wouldn’t lose! Although I do have one key bit of advice. If you want to do well, learn an affiliation and stick with it. Of these losses, 3 were with Black Order that I had no games with, 3 came with Sin Cabal that I had 1 game with and 4 came with Spider-Foes that I had no games with. So generally, it’s a good idea to practise. Of course when you can’t play practise games, like me, you don’t have much choice but to turn up and hope.

So who do I hate seeing across the table?

Ged and David Grant! Kidding, Ged and Dave are great guys. But I am 0-2 against both of them so I fear them as much as any affiliation.

Corvus Glaive

He just hits so hard and is so hard to put down. Once he has power to do Death Blow (so round 2) he can hit from r3 away, and then has a good chance of getting flurry for 2 more more strikes. And he gets a move in the middle. And hit skulls count as crits so 25% of his dice are exploding. In Black Order he’s worse as he probably has proxima for a linked activation and Thanos to move him and give him extra dice. But I’ve also faced him in Web Warriors where they have models that can pull you in and have ways of saving him if he over extends. And if you do hit him, Reality gem helps on defense and his reduces damage by 1.

Solution? Play wide and feed him a victim. If he can only daze a model on round 2 and then kill that model on round 3, he’s less effective. So D secures are handy – You play the other 3 and ignore the flank he’s on. If you’re all grouped up on an E map (Gamma, Demons) you’re in trouble. 

Black Order

See above, but worse, because Thanos also hits super hard and can have 3 activations, and move your models around. Again, playing wide can be handy. If Thanos and Corvus have to play on opposite flanks they can’t help each other. It they play on flank you can win the other. Beware – they get VPs for KOing your models.

Web Warriors

So much push and pull makes it hard to deal with. And under miles they’re super tanky having a lot of re-rolls and being able to re-roll skulls. Lifesaver and Lethal protector means you might not be able to attack who you want. And they have 2 models that can steal your extracts now. Oh, and they’re quick.


Push them just as much and/or play A-Force. My one win was having Enchantress, Shuri, She-Hulk and Valkyrie throwing them and shooting them off points. In A-Force stalwart determination means that for one round you are not getting pushed or thrown. Models with aggressive like Sabretooth and Xbones are ok, but they don’t move after throws or weblines. Vision can be handy here as he can resist pushes.


Like Web Warriors, they are tanky and have pushes but they also have re-rolls. Again A-Force is good. You have 3 models that don’t let them re-roll attacks (Angela, Medusa, Black Cat) AND Stalwart Determination and you have throws and pushes.


Asgard are scary. They all have throws, they hit like a train, they have extra power, they can heal or remove conditions. I don’t have a solution for this. If you run wide to out activate you will get killed. If you go more elite Thor and Enchantress will probably punish you anyway. So… Play Asgard?

Criminal Syndicate

CS do not have the best models but are hard to play against because they count double for secures when Healthy. And most of them are very tanky so trying to daze them is difficult. The main solution is to out-activate them and throw or push them off the points. This is hard as there are cards that can move them back, and some have aggressive. And they can run reasonably wide lists if they want so they might out-activate you. 

Defenders (or just Dr Strange really)

Take the Okoye above, but give her 2 more dice. And if you move her Strange probably got more power. And if you hit Strange, he still gets extra defense. And they all attack your worst defenses. And put hex out. And they have portals. 


Some people say go all in on Strange. This can work, but i’ve found it just gives him more power to keep doing shields, and then he heals up anyway. I prefer to ignore him. Then he has to waste his power defending others and should run out (unless you keep spamming powers). Of course then all the defences are 2 higher. The other option is play on a wider secure. Defenders want to group. If you play wider Strange can only be on one side and since he costs 6 there can’t be too much on the other flank. If you play a D, someone has to sit on the back point. And if they used a portal, jump through it and attack the model on the back point. 

Now let’s look at some specific characters;


Modok is so annoying. When I play him he does nothing. When I play against him he wrecks me. The main issue is he turns your wilds when attacking him to blanks and he can re-roll everything. 


It’s hard, even Corvus who can use skulls needs wilds. Throwing things at him is good as he only has 2 physical defense. Of course, he has probably thrown stuff at you first, so there may be less stuff to throw. Domino and Scarlet Witch are good bets. Wanda needs skulls to be effective. Domino stops enemy crits exploding and can use skulls as crits. Angela, Medusa and Black Cat stop Modok re-rolling his attacks. Angela and She-Hulk can both roll 4 more dice for his size 4 which can do a lot to him. So I guess, play A-Force again.


You hit someone, Okoye takes the hit, survives. You hit the original target again, Okoye bodyguards and survives again. Annoying right? But Okoye does only have 4 health. So she can go down. Ideally attack from 3 or 4, away, she is then a lot less survivable and she doesn’t count blanks now. Or if you have to attack someone from 2, make sure you are not in 2 of okoye. So Venom is good. No re-rolls, attacks from 3 away. Okoye dies. Your other option is take a model with a pull or push and move her out of bodyguard range. So Modok, Shuri, Enchantress, Gwen, Medusa and so on.


Magneto is a badman. You stay away. He hits you for a few damage, then pulls you in, then hits you again for more damage thanks to re-rolls. If you survived he throws things at you until nothing is left. Then he repeats this every round. If you attack him, he rolls 5 dice for his defence. Oh and his injured side has even more stamina.


I can’t say stay away – he can Asteroid M and has decent range. But again, playing wider secures is probably helpful. Be mindful of terrain – try to engage where the terrain will run out. You can’t easily push him, but you can advance him just fine. Domino and Mystique make a good team. He doesn’t explode crits against Domino and Mystique stops him buffing his defense. 

Scarlet Witch

She does so much damage by counting skulls, and her spender is nasty. And she is marginally more tanky just by counting skulls. You just have to commit. She doesn’t have any specific defensive tech. So just get in there and keep beating on her. Or stay away.


Notice a theme here? I could just have said Brotherhood! With his movement and running away and re-rolling dice Quicksilver is a pain. He even does reasonable damage because in 2 of his affiliations he can have more power to be hitting you with 6 dice every turn, getting a free move and still having a spare action. Trying to pin him down is a complete pain.


Often – ignore him. If he has one extract and runs away their team are playing a man down. Make them pay. If he engages to get a secure now you can just beat him up. He does only have 3 dice on defence, so even with re-rolls, just hit him with something big.

Angela (or Amazing Spider-man)

Angela tends to do one thing (I know I’ve done it myself plenty). 1st activation she runs up, takes the centre extract and runs away. If she then stays away for the whole game, I call that a win. She’s 5 threat. Your 17 threat is now playing against 12. Win on secures!  If she come back in, beat her up. She has good defences but will die if you hit her enough. Of course, if she drops the extract off to a Toad or another 2 threat under CS, well now you’re probably losing the game. Next time, win priority.

And lastly


Yes Toad is only 2 threat, but so is Okoye. Toad on paper looks rubbish. On the table he moves away when you attacks, pushes you off points, incinerates your models and kills your 7 stamina Carnage to win games. To kill him just get in close and hit him so he cannot slippery away far enough. On his flipped side he only has 3 stamina. Hit him again so he dies.

Huh, I guess there was more help and advice there than I thought! Again, my best piece of advice is to learn a roster and practise with it. Good luck. And down with Black Order!

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