MCP: Moon Knight Review

Typical, I get busy and AMG release a bunch of cards. Well the catch-up begins here!

The consensus on this model seems to be pretty positive. The main issues are his randomness, and not knowing when he will release or what affiliations he’s in.

The Great: The Builder. It’s only 4 dice, but it can re-roll all which works out more like a 6 dice strike, and it can be rolled as a 6 dice due to MP AND it can stagger. Sure you need 3 symbols for the trigger, but it’s a builder that can stagger.

The Good: His Spender is pretty good. Auto push (on size 2) and auto move at range 3 is nice. Throwing crescents are handy to generate power. Chosen is useful to stop mystic attacks that advance or push. Stealth is always good.

The Bad: The stat-line. It’s the standard 5/M/3/3/3 stat-line, but so many models get better than it. So not bad, just “meh”.

The Ugly: You thought I was going to say the randomness didn’t you? The only terrible thing about this model is the fact that he is standing on the corner of a building about 3 inches off the floor.

It just looks…odd.

and a new category…

The Weird: Multiple Personalities. I think this is generally a net win. You usually get something good. If Skulls were 1 damage or something this would be bad, but they don’t. Move, extra attack dice, power; all good. You don’t know what you get before the activation but whatever you get will be good. So it’s helpful, but not amazing.

Overall he seems a fun model more than a good model but I’d be happy to take him in Midnight Sons as he looks on the cheaper side compared to some other models they will probably have. And in this increasingly Mystic meta he has some good counter play. Solid, different, but nothing amazing, which is fine.

Hot Take Tier: B

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