MCP: Blade and Midnight sons Review

So Blade is up next in my catch up.

So Blade is a 4 Threat with the standard 6 stamina and decent defenses, and he’s a Leader. How does he measure up?

The Great: Super survivable! He can shake Conditions for 1 power. The only other we’ve seen anything like that is in Asgard. That’s pretty amazing. And he can re-roll defense dice (for 2 power) INCLUDING SKULLS! AND he can heal if people near him have bleed. Which their should be.

The Good: Mystic builder. It also dishes out bleed and has pierce. And another character with a free 1 power range builder, which is always nice. The spender is pretty good as well. Re-roll all if they’re bleeding!

The Bad: He’s worse against energy getting lower defense and no re-rolls.

The Ugly: Stretching here, but he’s a straight up beater. No pushes or throws means he has zero control.

So looks like Blade is pretty good. He brings a really good leadership (more on that in a bit), does decent damage, is very survivable. He also gets to be an Avenger and a Defender and should be good in both of those affiliations.

Hot Take Tier: A

So we now have the Midnight sons lineup and it looks like this:

So We could have a 10 point core of Blade + 2 of Cat, Iron fist and Moon Knight. More likely an 11 point core of Blade, Voodoo and Iron Fist/Moon Knight. We have another affiliation with Ghost Rider, but likely Strange will be taking his position. And these guys are basically all Defenders. So you essentially get 2 affiliations for nothing.

How do they go with that leadership?

Who doesn’t get use out of this!? Strange and Rider get the most benefit as they have the biggest bases. In Rider’s case this 1 power for 1″ place is actually just over 3.5″ of movement. It’s pretty decent. I hope this means Rider sees more play, he’s a really fun model.

How does this affiliation play? I’m not sure yet. They are very maneuverable which is good for extracts and fighting. Strange gives them good defensive tech, Voodoo gives good control. I’m looking forward to trying them out and seeing them on the table.

Hot Take Tier: A

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