MCP: Intro to Affiliations- A-Force

A few people wanted more detail on the affiliations so I thought I would do a more detailed look at some, starting with my current team; A-Force.

What’s good about A-Force?

The best thing about A-Force is the affiliated models. They have the best 2-threat model (Okoye) and arguably the best 3-threat (Valkyrie), 4-threat (Medusa) and 5-threat (Scarlet Witch) Models. On top of that they have other really good models like Shuri, Domino and Angela. So you don’t really need to have any out of affliation models to be good with A-Force.

Secondly, you can easily dip into other affiliations with one model. Add a Thor and you can play Asgard. Add Black Panther and you can dip into Wakanda. Add Captain America and you can play Avengers.

Additionally the Leadership is ability is great. When a character takes damage, another allied character gains one power. This is really useful for fueling power hungry characters like Captain Marvel or Black Cat.

Finally you get some pretty good tactics cards. Special Delivery is drop-off for She-Hulk enabling She-Hulk to get a move from a flier (You have some good ones in Crystal, Wasp and Angela) and a free attack for just 1 power for each model. Then you have Stalwart Determination which lets A-Force models ignore pushes and throws for a whole round – useful for Wakanda and Web Warrior match ups. And then there is A-Force assemble which gives allied models extra defense for each A-Force Character within 2, which makes you super tough for a round.

What’s bad about A-Force?

Firstly the leadership isn’t under your control. If you don’t get damaged, you don’t generate power. So you can’t do the crazy round 1 plays you might see with Avengers, Brotherhood or Inhumans.

Secondly She-Hulk can be a liability. Yes she has 20 health and 3/4/3 defenses. But she no way of improving her defense. I have seen her go down very quickly to a team that focuses on her or All you’ve got plays.

Lastly It’s really hard to pick a roster. That’s 16 affiliated models and then you probably want some unaffiliated models. Easy to be Web Warriors, Wakanda or Black Order where you have few choices and your roster makes itself. Of course, this is a good problem to have.

What packs do I need for A-Force?

Start With She-Hulk. That grants you the leadership and the 3 affiliated cards. If you have the core box (you really should always start with this) you have 2 more affiliated models and you’re ready to go!

Next I would add the Shuri & Okoye box. Okoye is really useful with She-Hulk, Shuri is really good, and you get Advanced R&D which can be a very useful card. You now have 5 affiliated models.

My next pick would probably be the Angela & Enchantress box. Angela is great for special delivery for She-Hulk and for stealing central extracts. Enchantress is not affiliated but is a great model. She is also good in A-Force as both Okoye and She-Hulk can protect her.

The last box where you might use both models is Valkyrie & Thor. Valkyrie is a great model for only 3 threat. Thor isn’t a must, but you can now play Asgard if you want. and you get a new crisis card.

You could now run a roster of She-Hulk, Black widow, Captain Marvel, Okoye, Shuri, Angela, Enchantress, Valkyrie, Thor and 1 other model. Choose Captain America from the core box and you have a 3rd affiliation!

Most of your other models come with unaffiliated models that don’t benefit you. But Scarlet Witch and Medusa are both good buys. Medusa also comes with a good crisis card for you and a good tactics card. The Crystal Lockjaw box is good. Crystal is a cheap special delivery option and Lockjaw can be useful for A-Force.

How does A-Force play?

I wish I knew? Seriously I have good games and bad games with A-Force. She-Hulk isn’t as easy to control as Hulk or as easy to kill, but people with All You’ve got and a big damage dealer will one shot her and you just lost your leader and a big chunk of threat. On the flip-side if people don’t deal with her, She-Hulk can Wreck face. Ideally you want to play on 2 flanks where a team can’t focus on her, or ball up and rely on Okoye for bodyguard and A-force Assemble. This won’t work for the whole game though. You need to pick your battles.

A-Force’s main playstyle is that they have options. You have models that push (shuri, Medusa), lots of Fliers, Long Movers, damage dealers. What you lank is tanky models – but you can always bring in some unaffiliated models.

What are some good crises for A-Force?

If you have priority Struggle for the Cubes and Spider-Infected are good, and these are both core box crises. Take Angela and turn 1 she takes the central extract. You should have a 3-2 extract lead so just have to maintain parity on secures. This is 11 threat and you’re probably playing 17, but Shuri and Valkyrie are both great, or Okoye and Enchantress. If you don’t have priority though you do not want to be playing these. You need a more even extract like “Hammers”, Alien ship or maybe Wakandan Herbs. From the core box Skrulls isn’t bad. If the other team find it, Special Delivery She-Hulk to the one that found it.

For secures I like Terrigen mists (Medusa Box), From the core box Deadly meteors is ok. I’m not a fan of the other 2. Infinity formula does let shuri shoot from one B to another but to win you need to take 3 points and it’s really hard to do when She-Hulk is 6 threat. Likewise extremis consoles is hard as you have to leave a model on the back point which often leaves you under strength on one side of the map.

Any specific Tactics?

If you can go late with a special delivery of She-Hulk round 1 you can get 3 attacks in against a model that has gone, then go first next round and do two more attacks. She-Hulk’s throw is M range so you can throw away threats quite a way. I’ve done this to Venom a lot. Keeping Okoye within 2 of She-Hulk also helps her out.

Enchantress has a good combo with Okoye and She-Hulk. You have to pay 2 power to not attack mystic. And you pay this when you target her. So when an opponent pays the 2, you can then bodygard with Okoye or She-Hulk. They lose their 2, and hit the wrong person.

There is also some play with Conditions and Agent Widow. Crystal and Scarlet witch put out conditions, She-Hulk puts out slow. Agent widow has an attack that does extra damage for conditions. That’s only 17 threat so pretty reasonable. Also in this line-up, if people focus on widow and witch, they’re not focusing on Shulky.

What to watch out for

Beware All You’ve got. If your opponent has it, be careful of where you send She-Hulk or switch affiliation altogether.

Also beware models that can stagger or activate you. I had a recent game where She-Hulk got Iron Fisted twice in two rounds.

And if you’re going for extracts watch out for models that can steal them like Black Cat, Enchantress and Miles Morales. Although that’s true for any faction!

Lastly if they have field dressing ,don’t forget about it. In many game I’ve had priority and dazed a model to have it come back with field dressing and mess up my plans. Again, not just an A-force problem, but since you often run less models you’ll see it more often.

So there you go – If you’re just starting out and thinking of A-Force I hope this helps. If you’re a more experienced A-Force player feel free to throw me some more tips!


  1. sithkhan · · Reply

    I have found it difficult to get She-Hulk delivered on round one, as Special Delivery won’t allow you to carry her for two moves. So if everyone is on the starting line, the first move typically won’t get her in range of her attacks for anything around the mid-point.

    1. It’s easier with long movers, and easier again with angela. but it’s not always possible. Round 2 usually better

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