MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 1

So the 3 box challenge is gathering momentum and I may even be playing in an event, so I thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and write about it.

For those that don’t know, the 3 box challenge basically says you create a roster only using the contents of the core box and any 3 character boxes. Technically that’s 4 boxes, but still, you get the idea. The idea is to make it easier for newer players to join in as opposed to people who have every box released so far. And it doesn’t just mean characters, it also means tactics and crises.

So I’m going to start with what you can do with the core box and work out from there. And I’ll mostly be looking at characters, with mentions to Tactics and Crises. A deeper dive on each affiliation with actual rosters would be best as an article for each roster.

Damn this is a big affiliation! So the core box gets you 4 models, including Cap (SR) as a leader. For the most choice I guess I would want 3 more boxes that grant me 2 affiliated models, or 1 affiliated and 1 really good model. On that basis I think I’d be tempted by these:

  • Thor And Valkyrie – 1 more affiliated, 1 more good model and a new crisis
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver – 2 more affiliated, 1 really good model, 1 good with Cap and another crisis

Then I have one more box. Here’s some affiliated options:

  • Iron fist and Luke Cage – 2 affiliated, more bodyguarding.
  • Hawkeye and Agent Widow – 2 good models, but you then lose your 2 point option
  • Captain America and Warmachine – 2 more affiliated models, and a second leader. If I was doing this though I might want to go wider, so I may take neither of my initial choices and instead take the other 2 boxes mentioned.

So Avengers seems pretty easy to do.

The other core box faction also gives us 4 models. It get’s trickier from here.

I think I would start with Sin and Viper. You get a second leadership, a good objective getter, and cards that make one of your core models better. It’s also the only box with 2 affiliated models.

Next I’d be tempted by one of MODOK, Cassandra Nova (& Jean Grey), Enchantress (And Angela) or Mister Sinister. Each of these have mystic attacks and control abilities (like bow) that let you move around your enemies. 2 of these boxes seems like overkill, so I’d settle for one. Some of these bring more crises also.

Lastly I’d be very tempted to get Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. They like being in Cabal and they play into your killy gameplan. Failing that it would be a second choice from the 4 above or Omega Red or Loki.

So what other affiliations can you use the core box for?

Crossbones – Criminal Synidcate

Black Widow and Captain Marvel – A-Force

Doctor Octopus – Spider Foes

Spider-man – Web Warriors and Defenders

So We’ll look at these 5 factions, and do the rest in another article.

So you need She-Hulk. Then I would get Shuri & Okoye. You now have 5 models and 4/5 useful cards, but only 1 box left.

It’s a hard final choice between Angela, Scarlet Witch, Valkyrie and Medusa. I’d probably go for Angela as you also get Enchantress who is great and has good synergy with Shulk and Okoye.

For more help with A-force, look here

I’d start with Kingpin obvs. I’d be tempted to go for the SinViper box to get 2 good cards that help Xbones, but I don’t rate Sin in CS. Although you can always play Cabal. And viper is a useful objective runner. I would possibly consider the Kraven Lizard box. Kraven is good and affiliated, Lizard is unaffiliated but just what you want, and you can now play leaderless foes and use Sinister Traps.

3rd Box could be Modok or Taskmaster or Omega Red. But I quite fancy Killmonger who brings along Black Panther who probably plays well in CS and you get The Wakandan Herbs crisis that CS can do more easily than other teams.

For more on Criminal syndicate, look here

If you want to run Defenders you need Strange, which also gets you Wong and the key Pentagrams tactics card (and a decent crisis card). The Iron fist/ Luke Cage box seems decent for 2 more Defenders and another v good tactics card in Heroes for Hire. Then It’s more awkward as there is a lot of choice. Hawkeye, Scarlet witch, Daredevil, Valkyrie are all great Defenders. If you’re thinking dual affiliation with Avengers then 3 of these packs are also good there, so that doesn’t help much! So pick what you fancy! Also if you’re in the future or are on TTS the Blade/Moon Knight pack is a decent option, and gives you the midnight sons affiliation.

This one sort of picks itself. You need Green Goblin. You want sinister traps so you need the Kraven and Lizard pack. You would like Venom, but the Mysterio/Carnage pack gets you 2 models, so go with that. Done!

This one is a bit wierd. You want to get Miles and Spider-Gwen (Ghost-spider, whatever). You could also get Amazing and Black Cat, but then you cannot use Core Box Spidey so you invalidated your one core box model! I would probably get Venom. So that’s basically it. If you don’t want to lose out on OSpidey you could get Daredevil or Moon Knight (who comes with Blade and is awesome).

So that’s a start on 7 of the affiliations. I’ll look at the next bunch in a future article.

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