MCP: Dormammu Review

Continuing with my Review Catch ups, It’s Dormammu Time!

Quick overview as Usual; 8 threat, yes 8! He has 10 health on the front, but 12 on the back making him the Healthiest character in the game. He has a leadership, good defenses a medium move and he’s massive.

The Great: His Leadership. He makes all models affiliated to his Dark Dimension. So you can run whatever you want with him. Enchantress, Zemo, Okoye, Valkyrie at 20. Sure, why not. All affiliated. And they all get an extra power each round. So Asgardians all get 3! He is immune to stagger and incinerate, while having 22 stamina but getting to flip when dazed. He laughs at the plight of the Hulks. Oh and The Model. Look how big he is!

He’s Huge!

The Good: 4/4/5 is a pretty good defensive statline, right? He has a teleport, which is nice. His builder can in theory bounce through the whole enemy team. And his attacks count skulls AND ENEMY SKULLS as successes. Which is nice for him. The push away when he is attacked is pretty cool, but costs 2 power.

The Bad: He generates no power from his attacks (other than wilds for sap power). He gets 2 power a turn, which seems stingy. He only ever generates 1 power from being attacked. He does get power when his minions are damaged, but his power generation still seems bad.

The Ugly: His Leadership can damage his minions. And worst of all He has only 2 actions and no Throw. 6 threat Hulks and Magneto get throws. 8 threat Time gem Thanos gets 3 actions. 8 threat Dormammu gets a teleport, but only 2 actions and no throws. And the trigger on his big attack requires 4 symbols. So, yes it can trigger more than once, but it probably doesn’t even trigger once and you need 5 power to use it.

So we have an amazing model, with a cool Leadership and all the best friends that’s quite tanky but doesn’t do much. He can only score VPs the same as anyone else, and maybe does less damage than She-Hulk or Scarlet Witch or Reality Corvus but costs 8 threat. I’m sure he will see play, but I don’t see him being that amazing on the table, other than to look at.

Hot Take Tier: C

But Wait, We also have 2 cards for him spoiled.

Dark Empowerment is pretty sneaky. Dormammu can use it on himself so another character gains power for his attacks, OR he can have another character gain no power so Dormammu does. And if it’s used for buidler attacks, you normally don’t gain power anyway. Shame it does damage, but at least there’s no power cost.

Dark Restoration is even better. He brings a 3 threat character back to life, and they are healthy. Pair this with an All You’ve got Agent widow for crazy suicide runs, knowing she’ll come back. Use Ghost Rider to kill a model to come back from the dead, then bring that model back from the dead. A mid-late game KOed model coming back fully healthy is really useful and means that the 8 threat Dormammu feels maybe a bit less over priced. Of Course you could just KO Dormammu.

Do these cards propel the big D to a top tier. No, but a higher tier, yes.

Warm Take Tier: B

Dormammu himself has issues and is ok. But the flexibility he provided by letting any model be affiliated should allow some cool combos.

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