MCP: Double Feature, part 2

The Second event of the weekend was on Sunday at Boards and Swords in Derby. I’ve not really been before. I had an event in 2020 but got pinged on arrival so didn’t get to play. They have a pretty good setup and there were a lot of players – 28 in all, although there may have been a drop. A lot of the usuals were present; Quinn, Ged, Pembo, Dave Grant and Arun. I was still more concerned with trying to get to the magic 500 with A-Force to become the first A-Force leader. I reckoned i needed maybe a win and a loss, but couldn’t be sure. 2 losses would be bad. From Friday’s roster I removed Black Widow and brought Medusa back in so I had an affiliated 4 and I took out Mission Objective for Bitter Rivals.

Game 1

Wait, Is that Ged and his New Avengers again? Why yes reader, it is! Despite adding Ged, Quinn and pembo as friends/local players on Saturday I still drew Ged round 1. [Note to TOs – please use the “avoid local pairings” button]. The guys thought this was hilarious. I lost priority. Ged chose research station and I had Gamma. He chose 16 threat. I didn’t really fancy She-Hulk here, but also couldn’t do a decent 16 I liked ( I wanted control and 16 means Okoye). So I did Asgard at 16 to have Thor, Val, Medusa and Enchantress. Ged had Sam, Rhodey, Vis, Hawkeye and Danny. Ugh.

It started okay. War Machine and Thor went to the centre point. Iron fist kicked Thor to get on point and did 2 damage. I then walked Iron fist off and threw Warmachine off so I had 3 models on to his no models. But then Cap went and charged, using shield throw. He managed to move Enchantress AND Thor off the point. Bear in mind he has to do damage and that’s 4 dice against 5 and 4. So pretty lucky. He then used Avengers Assemble to move 3 models onto the point. So I went from 3 models up to 2 models down. Score was 1-5, Enchantress was damaged by Gamma Wave and researcher moved. Great Start.

I went with Enchantress first as I was worried she would get dazed. She moved and used the beam. This dazed Warmachine, but did nothing to Cap and Iron fist used heroes for hire on Vision to Throw Enchantress back away (and taking no damage). Cap then went and managed to do 4 damage to Thor with Shield Throw (on 4 dice), then did Red Wing assault, getting 6 hits vs my 1 block for a dazed Thor. Valkyrie whiffed and then Iron Fist Dazed her despite Bitter Rivals affecting him. Medusa had to move up to at least try to contest centre point and managed to daze Iron Fist by throwing Cap into him. But Vision used Field Dressing on War Machine and they were able to daze Medusa. So I scored nothing, and they scored 8 for a 1-13 score. This also so moved the researcher onto the station so I had basically lost already. Just writing this is miserable!

So with lots of power on my models, this is where things should start turning. Thor charged in to get a get position and did no damage. He then used God Of Thunder of 4 of the Avengers and did…nothing. 7 dice on 4 different models for about 3 total damage. Thor threw Cap and dazed him. So that was something. Iron Fist Fisted Valkyrie to death. Medusa pushed Iron Fist away and dazed WarMachine but not vision. But Vision did very little on 2 beams (nice change). Enchantress Dazes Iron Fist and Walks Iron Fist off the point. Hawkeye then swings up and dazes Enchantress. I score nothing, They score 7 for a crushing 1-20 loss. I probably should have just written the score.

So dice aside there was very little I could do here. when I did get dazes it just meant they moved to better positions. So all my control meant nothing. Not having Asgard cards probably didn’t help either but mostly I was just outplayed. At least it wasn’t another A-Force loss.

Game 2, end of round 1

Game 2 I had Ben, a newish player who had Web Warriors. I Lost priority, He chose Extremis (Noooooooo) and I picked Panic! He chose 17 threat. So good crisis for him and better threat. This is why the priority options need to change.

He took Miles, Gwen, Pete, Venom and Zemo. Part of the reason I had brought Medusa back was to make more use of Royal Decree, and I had worked it out for this crisis. But I suddenly realised I had accounted for the power. I need to use RnD to power up Medusa which means that Crystal would not be able to pick up a civilian. Oops. Anyway I had Shulk, Enchantress and the 2 Inhumans.

He started by moving Gwen up to the right civilian and then back. I moved Enchantress to my right point and then up to the console, hoping she might take some damage. But he moved Miles to the left Civilian and then to the left console, which was exactly what I wanted. I moved Medusa up and flicked She-Hulk over her. I was hoping for an ttack, but then He moved Venom to middle. So Crystal moved and delivered She-Hulk near Miles. Due to Scenery I couldn’t place her on the console So I left her within 1 of the civilian and 2 of miles. I rolled 5 hits on the freebie, versus nothing, Dazing Miles straight off. This was actually a bit weird. I had 6 power. So not enough to pick up and evac a civilian, but also I couldn’t pick up 2. I put the civilian where I hoped Zemo couldn’t get to it, but He went the other way towards Enchantress. So Shulk picked up one civilian. I Probably should have moved her onto Console but I forgot. I figured this was basically game as I essentially had 3 civilians and could now KO his Leader. It was 4-2.

What actually happened was Shulk rolled no hits on the first attack and then 2 on the second. So I just Evacced The Civilian and picked up the other to stop Miles getting it. Miles then ran away. Enchantress managed to generate 3 power, so not enough to Evac the civilian and steal another. Pete went, rolling 4 dice against Enchantresses 5 and getting 2 damage, and then 3 damage against the 2 defense, then finished her off by throwing her into the building, but not having enough power to pick up the civilian. I moved Crystal to the back point (giving up left point) so that Medusa could moved up, but Zemo Charged Crystal and Dazed her. Medusa attacked Zemo, getting 7 hits and dazing him! Venom was able to reach the spare Civilian. The score was now 7-5. Not quite the lead I had hoped for!

Round 3 Enchantress kissed Gwen who had come up to score the console and Evacced her Civilian for 2 more points. We then basically hit time before anything else important happened and the game finished 12-7 to me. Having smashed Miles round 1 I thought this would be easy but failing to KO him then made everything more awkward. And Enchantress failing to Evac her Civilian gave them a way back into the game.

Game 3, End of round 2

Game 3 I drew Martin Thirlwell who was running X-People. I recognised his name but He’d only just started Marvel and had stopped Guild Ball as I started so I’m not sure where from! I lost Priority (again), Martin chose Skrulls and I picked Gamma, playing at 17 threat. I took the same lineup as the last game, so 3 games for Medusa having not taken her on Friday. Martin had Cable, Domino, DP, zemo and Beast.

He moved Zemo and Domino up to be in 2 of the Shelter, but not within 1. Enchantress went for the right skrull but didn’t find it. Then Beast did and also didn’t find it. Crystal then Picked up She-Hulk and Delivered her near centre point and within 2 of Cable doing 1 damage. I R&Ded a power to Crystal to flip the middle Skrull but didn’t get it. Cable did some damage to She-Hulk and I used her aggressive to walk over Cable on to back point. So with only Deadpool Left to go and only Cable on back point She-Hulk threw Cable off the point and then hit Deadpool twice, dazing him. I forgot he only had 4 stamina, so this was easier than I had thought. So No Skrull, but all 6 points from Gamma for a 6-0 lead.

I had however given them Priority so Cable did more damage to She-Hulk. She-Hulk hit him back, but despite 9 dice against 4 did just 1 damage. So I hit Zemo and dazed him. Crystal managed to flip the Skrull and then I ran away. I really wanted to do some attacks, but running seemed better. Medusa did some attacks on Domino which did nothing…Beast moved in to be near middle Gamma. Enchantress then walked to centre point and made Domino and Beast walk away so I scored 8 points to none for a 14-0 lead. I’m not sure If Martin was more impressed or annoyed with Enchantress!

Deadpool went for MAXIMUM EFFORT on She-Hulk getting 9 hits. I rolled nothing. She was dazed. Enchantress moved people further away from Crystal and then Zemo dazed her. Medusa manged to daze Domino. And Crystal ran awy to safety. It ended 18-4. The She-Hulk play round 1 and Enchantress round 2 gave me a massive lead, and then Getting the Skrull gave me a big lead. I really enjoyed this game as Martin was super nice even though there was such a different in VP.

End of the game
Start of Game 4

Game 4 I drew Christian who I realised was the Asgard player I had had played on the ill fated Spider-Foes day. I lost priority (0-4 for day, nice). He Chose Hammers, I chose Terrigen Clouds and he picked 20 points. He had Thor, Loki with gem, Valkyrie, Vision and Miles. I took Shulk and Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Valkyrie. My plan was to get 2 hammers on Shulky straight away.

Thor took the right Hammer. So Shulk walked to the back hamemr and was then Gamma Launched to the left Hammer, but wasting an action. I wonder If I could have gone for the back Hammer instead. His Valkyrie took the back hammer and Vision and Miles moved to Left point with Scarlet moving up and attacking vision. My Valkyrie (or Falkyrie as Christian had named her) threw his Thor off the point and I used Climbing Gear to get Scarlet Witch onto the left point. Loki used the mind gem to move Falkyrie off the point. Hulk possibly could have reached the right cloud, but I had thrown Thor in the way stupidly. So no Clouds were scored. 2-2.

I went first with Wanda hoping to Daze miles and Vision. It seemed reasonable. She didn’t daze vision in 2 attacks, with him already damaged, but threw a size 4 at miles which did daze him. Vision them beamed She-Hulk, and used his big attack and a throw for a total of 18 damage. I had bodyguarded the attack on Witch which I didn’t need to. But 5 dice beam againt 4 dice seemed ok. I rolled 1 block in 4 rolls. Classic Shulky! I used Medpack on Shulk and hit Vision back and dazed him. Thor attacked Falkyrie and whiffed. Hulk dazed his Valkyrie and was able to get the hammer and throw Loki away. Falkyrie moved onto the cloud and throws Loki back off and into Hulk. I scored 7 v 1 for a 9-3 lead.

Vision manged to daze She-Hulk and then also do 5 damage to Wanda with 2 beams, dazing her. Hulk KOed Valkyrie and Thor dazed Falkyrie in 1 hit. Loki made Hulk move away. I only scored 1 v 7 for a 10-10 tie.

Round 4 Scarlet Witch KOed Vision and Miles but can only pick up 1 Hammer. Cruel Twist is so nasty. Thor KOed Valkyrie easily, but then Hulk was able to daze Thor thanks to a hammer and being a bit angry, and staying out of Loki’s power tricks. It went to 15-11. So looking good for me, But Hulk was near dead and If Thor could reach Wanda, it could still go either way.

So Round 5 Hulk does Hulk Smash on Loki rolling a lot of dice (8+2 hammers + lots for angry) and Dazes him, and also throws into Thor. Then hits Thor and finishes him off. A very damaged Hulk with 2 hammers does as lot of damage. I’ve just realised writing this I could probably have beamed them! So it ended 23-12.

I was very happy with this game. Christian is a good player and knows his team well. And I had the usual problem of rubbish She-Hulk dice but still managed to win.

So I finished 3-1 for the day and 3-0 with A-Force moving me to an 11-7 record and…

Number 1 A-force player

I did it! The Juris Doctor. And this is why Longshanks is good. If it wasn’t for this kind of thing I would be jumping on the best stuff because only finishing top 3 would matter. But here I finished in like 9th (SOS) but it felt like a massive win because behind the scenes of Longshanks I had enough A-force wins to be the BEST A-FORCE PLAYER IN THE WORLD. And even when someone catches me, I was first! So Happy!

And now I don’t have to play A-Force any more. Although I am only 2 games from my enthusiast badge.

A-Force are so odd to play. They have some great models; Medusa, Valkyrie and so on. And can easily take an unaffiliated like Enchantress. But I have had no luck with She-Hulk. Despite regularly rolling more dice than most spenders (9 dice builder anyone) I do no damage with her. And then despite having pretty good defense dice and 20 health, and usually a healing card she dies so easily. I look forward to some new models coming out, and some cards being banned and then I’ll probably return to them. But for now this felt like doing well in spite of She-Hulk, not because of her, and I need a break.

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