MCP: 3-Box challenge tournament, Game 2

So this week I played my first game of the 3-Box challenge TTS tournament. what happened to Game 1? My opponent and I couldn’t make it happen so it was a draw. Game 2 I drew Chris Williams of Spider Foes Disaster and Wakanda Revenge Fame. This was pretty handy as if the PC decided to play up again I knew Chris would be cool with it. Don’t want to upset any more people on the internet!

Start of Game

He won priority and picked Extracts, taking research station. I only have the core box mission and chose Infinity Formula. Chris chose 16. I decided to Attempt Dormammu and added Widow, Iron Man and Moon Knight. Chris took Magneto, Toad, Scarlet witch and Doc Ock. 3-Box teams are weird right?

Round 1 I moved 2 models to the formulas and so did he, but My Iron Man managed to get a wild on a blast and shot Doc off his point.

Wanda and Moon Knight moved to the researcher. Mags moved once, not onto the point, and shot MK for 3 damage. Big D could now teleport up, but there wasn’t space to fit him on the centre point. So I shot Mags twice doing 4 and 2 and dazing him! Score was 2-1, no-one scoring the researcher.

Round 2, Iron Man and MK both took damage due to the leadership. Magento throws a size 1 object at MK and he saves 2, but then a size 3 which Dazes him. He then attacks big D for zero damage, but pushes him back and walks onto the point.

Since Dormammu was undamaged I went with Iron Man doing Rockets with AI into Wanda for 4 damage, but then zero on 2nd. So Mags patched up Wanda who moved and used Cruel Twist on Iron Man, but he survived! Dormammu only managed 2 damage on Mags this turn. Doc Ock dazes Iron Man and Black widow moves into centre to stop Toad getting in. But Toad tongues her instead, getting the wild and flicking her off the point. So annoying. I score nothing to 2 to make it 2-3.

All my characters take 1 damage in round 3 so Iron Man goes first using a Friday AI beam doing 4 to Mags and 3 to Scarlet witch, and then 2 more to Wanda from a repulsor blast. I then played Disarm on Magneto. Mags tried a throw on widow but she got 3 shields. So then he puts 2 blasts into MK and KOs him. Then he does another throw at Widow and dazes her, and then Asteroid Ms next to Toad on the right. Dormammu attacks Wanda dazing her and the teleports to point and bolts Toad, dazing him. Doc Ock walks twice and throws the centre fountain at Dormammu, denying him from smashing it. I get no blocks for 4 damage. Score is 1-1 for a 3-4 game after 3 rounds. I then use Dark Restoration on Moon Knight.

Round 4 Widow takes 1 damage – she has no way of spending power! Dormammu attacks Scarlet Witch getting 3 and 4 damage for the KO. Doc Ock does 4 damage to MK and then tries to throw him but I braced it. He then uses Arm lasers again, I get no blocks and Moon Knight is dazed, again. At this point Moon Knight has had 1 activation, no attacks and been dazed or KOed 3 times! Black Widow shoots Ock using 1-2 punch, but I only get 1 damage. Magento moves up to attack Dormammu doing 4 damage with a blast and 3 throws. Dormammu blocks 7 damage from the last 2 throws! Sort of balances out all the zero block rolls. Iron Man goes for Rockets on Doc, with AI but gets zero hits. Toad then tries to Tongue dormammu but gets no damage. I score 2 points v 3 for 5-7.

Widow and MK take 1 each. Dormammu Blasts Magneto needing 1 hit, I get 5 hits against 4 blocks, counting one of Magneto’s skulls for the KO. big D then attacks Ock with Smash for the daze. Moon Knight gets the free move, moves again and goes for Avatar of Khonshu and gets 1 damage! Toad hits back with acid, gets 4 damage for the 2nd KO on MK. I may have misplayed him, but he seems squishy! Widow and Iron Man have no targets and can’t afford to move off the points, so I score 4 to 1 for a 9-9 lead.

Round 6 Widow takes 1. Ock goes first and dazes Dormammu. The 3 other characters can’t do much so stay on their points. We score 2/3 for an 11-11 draw. So we go to round 7!

Widow is KOed by the leadership. Doc Ock needs to KO Dormammu but only manages 3 damage. Dormammu KOs Toad. Iron Man sits on his point, I score 3 and get the 14-11 win.

This was a fun game. We decided afterwards that Dormammu does hit pretty hard, but Chris had avoided hitting him to hit the rest of the team which Helps Dormammu. We both agreed attacking Dormammu might be the way to go as it doesn’t give him much power. His power generation is wierd. He struggles to generate power, but I had 8-10 a lot, but didn’t spend it on the big attack as I needed it for cards or for teleports. I enjoyed Dormammu and Iron Man who I haven’t used in ages. Moon Knight is Dissapointing. He needs to stay at range I guess.

The down side of this was the PC managed fine for an hour and then crashed 4 times. Still don’t know what is happening but I’ve tried some more things. Fingers crossed.

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