MCP: The All New Avengers roster review

So my roster for the recent event where I went 3-1 is here. It’s a decent roster as with only 1 sort of practise game and games against Sam Cap I was able to go 3-1, only losing to the Number 1 player IN THE WORLD. But it’s an odd roster in that Most of the models did not perform well…

Sam Wilson, Captain, America. When I’ve played against Sam my models have been knocked off points constantly. At the event my Sam hit the ricochet trigger once all day, with no-one on range and caused damage for the push maybe twice, once against Kingpin who is to big to push. Even with a Hammer I couldn’t hit anything. His Air-lift, shield and Long move were all useful at points. It’s the Leadership that was good. But Sam as a character was poor. 5/10.

Warmachine. I took Rhodey in 3 games. He caused a lot of aggro so took a lot of fire which he tanked some of. His Beam was pretty good. I managed Empty the clip twice, it was good once. He was good, but should have been better. Getting extra moves is handy for him. 6/10

Iron fist. He got the Iron Fist off in 2 games and one of those was possibly game winning. In the other 2 he died very easily. Counting blanks is nice, but he has a low stamina pool and he’s such a threat that he gets targeted quickly. The Flying kick into Iron fist combo is great. Its nice to have heroes for hire with him, but I prefer it on Cage. 6/10

Luke Cage. Used him every game. He tanked a lot of damage and hits and at times did some damage back – bossing Scarlet witch in Game 2. Immunity to bleed against Venom was handy. And Heroes for Hire is the Icing on the cake. If only I could hit his triggers more reliably. 7/10

Ant-Man. I only took him once but he tied up 5 threat of models for most of the game. I never remembered to use his hitch a ride as he was normally shifting forms after attacks, but I’m sure I could get better use out of him. 6/10

Vision. He was pretty good in all 3 games. He almost always had 4 or 5 dice on defence and couldn’t get pushed about. His damage output wasn’t as good as it should have been, especially in game 4, but his throw was very useful in lots of games. With better dice he would have been by far my stand-out model. 8/10

Hawkeye. Used him once. All his tricks were handy. I think I only hit that wild once which is annoying. Still solid. 6/10

Okoye. Stood around, took a few hits, did little damage. I don’t know how people get so much more out of her, she does a job for me, but that’s about it. Useful to fill in the threat gap. 5/10

Nebula. The best I can say is that she didn’t die. Struggled to make use of her and Okoye would have been more valuable in the game I used her.

Deadpool. Used him once, for one specific crisis. He did what he was meant to but I didn’t take him beyond that. 5/10

The Leadership was great. All parts of it. The move is so useful, healing is always good, and removing staggers or incinerates is so useful. The only downside is picking the model to move can be tricky, especially if the daze is on the first attacks of 2. 9/10

Of the tactics cards Avengers Assemble and field Dressing were both Amazing. All you’ve got was hard to use, really needing a model to have Power and not be dazed which was hard to pull off. Advanced RnD is a must for certain crises, and bitter rivals is still useful until it gets restricted. Heroes for Hire was ok, not as key as I’ve seen it be. Blind Obsession I don’t think I would take again, and probably not tactical Awareness.

So what changes might I make?

I think I’ll drop Nebula. I was happy running 5 models on Sword with 4 3 threats. It might be nice to have another 2 threat some time, but I think I would rather take Bob or Toad over Nebula as they seem to do more.

Deadpool I only really needed for Cubes, So I may swap him out for Lizard who has the healing, but also invulnerability and a bigger base.

And I’ll probably take out Ant-man and maybe bring in Enchantress for more beams. Or Maybe Sinister.

Hawkeye is tempting to remove, but He’s very handy on certain secures to just sit and still shoot people.

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