MCP: Baron Mordo Review

Another Day, another Review…

Another odd stat block, 6 health on the front (5 on back), 3 attacks and…an attack buff! Seems ok a glance.

The Great: He has an attack buff. And not a Kraven/Lockjaw buff where they need to go first. A thanos style in your activation buff. Yes you take a damage, but it’s worth it. And only 2 power! And he has the Vaulting boots so if you get pushed off a point, you move back.

The Good: Range 4, auto power attack. He can gain power (as an action), very useful to do round 1 so he has power round 2. Rains is nice – range 4, 7 dice and auto conditions. And for 4 power he can have it round 2 easily. And then he has Soul Barb. The range 2 spread is a bit lackluster, but being able to spread conditions is great.

The Bad: Although he can create power that takes an action. If he needs to move and attack he will struggle to generate the power he needs for his powers.

The Ugly: Physical Defense of 2, same as other convocation characters, and no defensive tech to improve it.

So he might be a bit squishy against physical and will need careful play to get the most out of him, but he seems really good. He can do damage and conditions and support and counter pushes. And he’s only 3 threat. I can see him in a lot of my rosters just for Ferocity and Soul Barb.

Hot Take Tier: A-

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