MCP: Clea Review

I’ve caught up with the Mystic Wave! Last but not least…or is she? Clea!

that builder looks familiar

3 Threat, Mid-range blaster/support? She looks like a cheap mashed up version of Red Skull and Enchantress

The Great: Range 2 teleport on friends Is the stand out thing. Cheaper than Strange’s but not enemies. More Expensive an shorter Range than Lockjaw but Doesn’t take an action. Immunity to Incinerate is massive.

The Good: Range 3 and 4 Mystic attacks. Auto power on the builder is good. She can get 4 power each turn, but at the cost of an action and (probably) damage. Range 3 throw is good.

The Bad: Awkward Power Economy. To do the spender you will need to gain the 3 power and probably take damage. For the teleport you can at least get 2 shots off to get 3 power.

The Ugly: 2/3/4 With no defensive tech. considering she can damage herself she might be getting taken out very easily.

So She has a throw, but probably not the power to use it. Ok attacks, but nothing great. She can teleport her team, but so can Strange. Out of affiliation I feel like Lockjaw is still better. In affiliation she’s nice to have as a 3 threat. She just a bit “meh”. Unlike the rest of Mystic who I’m looking forward to using, with Clea, I’m just not that fussed.

Hot Take Tier: C


  1. HowNot2Wargame · · Reply

    I think Clea is going to really depend on your roster. I’m looking to play convocation with Inhumans filling out the roster, and I can see a place with her even though I have Mordo, Crystal and Lockjaw at three threat. Defo not an auto pick but quite liking the mix of offensive and support, while not being great at either.

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