MCP: Convocation Affiliation Review

So Having reviewed the 6 characters I thought I would take a look at the affiliation as a whole, including the 9 spoiled tactics card and their weird leadership.

So Convocation don’t have a Leader. You have an extra tactics card (does it count as part of 8 – not sure) which works as a leadership ability. You then do have a designated Leader, but you get to change your leadership ability in the Power Phase. This seems great. Not just changing leadership game to game but round to round depending on the situation. In terms of this ability, well it’s good. You are often attacking un-activated characters to daze them before they go, so getting a re-roll is great.

Then we got a bunch of tactics cards – more than we can take in a roster!

first 3

Bane is ok. Root is pretty nasty and there isn’t much around. It’s also cheap.

Orb is like rainbow bridge. 3 Power to place in range 3 is great. Pity, it can’t be used if you’ve got an extract, but it’s still very useful. Especially if you’ve been pushed off points late in a turn.

Astral ring is the standout here. You can contest a point from range 3 away, which is huge. And you do your attacks and power from that point. There are so many uses for the card, and it lasts for a whole round. And as an added bonus you cannot be advanced or placed. It’s just great. This will be an auto-include.

A 4th convocation card and 2 character cards

Plane is like Dark Reign. Some poor sod is getting wrecked when this is played. Everyone had Mystic attacks so they all get the benefit.

Hood’s gang is just missing a key bit of text but whether it’s 1,2 or all it’s still good. Characters tend to be on a point or contesting an objective so you’ll get a lot of use. The only downside is you want Hood going first to get most benefit.

Seance is Bananas. Either Voodoo gets better defense than his already high defense with the spirit token OR an opponent gets worse defense. Or both if you’re clever with the timings of your activations.

“Iron Books” suddenly turns the whole affiliation from squishy physical punching bags to tanks. Play it Round 2 and either no-one gets KOed round 3 or you get it back. Getting your timing right is important, but knowing you can get it back and it’s not just one round is massive. Even if it was one round only it would still be a great card.

Wand is interesting because it has 3 different possible effects. The Blast is very good. Re-rolling defense for a whole round is great. And the 2nd use of a super power is also good. Having the ability to pick any of these as needed will make this a great utility card. But maybe the fact the other cards single effects are better will push this out.

Book of Cagliostro is super powerful. It costs 6 power, but across 3 characters to remove an activated token. We’ve seen this in Cabal and on Magneto and now in Convocation. A second activation is amazing on a big character like Strange. And then you can get the card back. The price for that is steep, but possibly worth it.

So we have 7 Convocation cards of which 3 are excellent, 3 are very good and 2 are ok. So Convocation look good on the character front. There are two issues with this, firstly you don’t really want unaffiliated characters and secondly, to get all these good cards you won’t be taking some of the meta picks like All You’ve Got, Bitter Rivals or the healing cards.

What does just taking Affiliated Models Look like?

  • Dr Strange, 5 threat, A tier
  • Ancient One, 4 threat, B tier
  • Doctor Voodoo, 4 threat, A tier
  • Baron Mordo, 3 threat, A tier
  • Clea, 3 threat, C tier
  • Hood, 3 threat, B tier

So even at 20 threat we can’t actually take all 6 characters. We don’t know if anyone else will be affiliated. I expect Wong to be, but I’m not sure about the OG Dr Strange. So what can we fit in at each threat?

14 Threat; Ancient One, Voodoo, Mordo, Hood.

15 threat; Strange, Voodoo, Mordo, Hood.

16 threat; Strange, Ancient One, Voodoo, Mordo

17 threat; Ancient One, Voodoo, Clea, Mordo, Hood.

18 threat; Strange, Voodoo, Clea, Mordo, Hood.

19 threat; Strange, Ancient One, Voodoo, Mordo, Hood.

20 threat…Can’t do 20 threat just in affiliation, unless Wong is in, so we’ll need an unaffiliated model. If OG Strange is affiliated we could also take him with the Soul Gem.

We have 4 (or 3 with wong) slots left, what should we take? Well, I’d probably pick another 3 threat and 4 threat to have better options if I really want, like Enchantress or Blade and Mysterio or Moon Knight, characters who still have Mystic attacks. And I’d be very tempted for my final slot to take Dormammu. He powers them all up nicely and they all have plenty of ways to spend the power without taking damage. The issue is tactics cards. I can easily have 4 Convocation cards, Voodoo and Hoods cards and the 2 Dark dimension cards, but it does mean that in a Dormammu game I would play a card down. But the Dormammu pick is probably more about scaring people than actually picking him.

What crises should they run? I don’t think we want to scrum, so probably not Gamma, research station and Demons. They haven’t got great physical or energy defense so I’d take out the flips. Currently running 5 wide at 14 is very hard so not Sword. Don’t think we want to be stunned or poisoned so not clouds or Fisk. So i would probably take some Bs and Ds. So Infinity Formula, Extremis Consoles, Spider Portals, Cosmic Vaults. That’s some power and healing and if we get pushed off a point we have teleports to get back on rather than walking. For extracts we don’t have ways of getting a centre point and back easily so maybe not the F maps. Legacy virus might be good to remove conditions. I think I’d avoid Hammers. Since we’re not taking 2 restricted cards I might be tempted by Panic grips. Herbs might actually be good. Clea and Strange can teleport themselves and the other one can also teleport them. It’s a bit unclear to me what the Convocation plan is. They’re not really aggro. They don’t have much control. They don’t have clever crisis jank. They’re not tanky or defensive. I think it will come out in play.

So there we go. A longer Review of the faction than I expected. I’m looking forward to dropping them on the table, or maybe in TTS since they got delayed!

Finally, Faction Hot Take Tier: B

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