MCP: Miss Marvel Review

So the 2nd card spoiled at Mini Stravaganza was Ms Marvel. I’m going to look at her before Hulkbuster because it requires a bit less time!

So we have a size changer, but the big difference here is her 2nd side is size 4 and a massive base. The internet seems pretty divided so far; I have to admit my first impressions weren’t great, but they improved.

The Great: The transform is massive! A place within 1 of a large base is a big deal. She can suddenly reach an extra 7.5″ with her base, and then interacts at range 2, not 3. Not great for secures, but amazing for flips and extracts.

The Good: Her big attack is actually pretty good. 5 dice sounds poor, but it’s 3 re-rolls against most enemies which makes it pretty good. She also has a throw which is only size 2, but is from range 3 and is terrain AND characters. The Inhuman re-roll is always welcome.

The Bad: Her small form punch is only 4 dice. On the plus side it’s auto 1 power and range 4.

The Ugly: The normal model – it’s so basic.

So overall I think she has interesting play in terms of her movement. She can move quite a long way over a turn without using a move action (Transform, Transform back is a decent distance). Once she starts getting power she can reliably keep it going. The problem is it will be hard to transform round 1 and she wants to be in factions that improves her power gain like A-Force, Inhumans or Cabal.

She also has some “interesting cards”;

Fan club is a bit odd. 3 different effects are nice, and at least you can sort of choose when to do them. 3 power seems steep though, although it’s the same as her card. It’s worth noting this throw is size 3, but only range 2. Considering Cap is rarely played I’m not sure this will see much play, although if Kamala is in A-force…nah it still wouldn’t get played.

“A better tomorrow” I really like. It’s quite a high power cost but Kamala Transforms for 1 less than normal and range 3 away which is massive and then Miles places within 1 of her giant base. Miles can move like 3″+1+”+6″+2+”+1+ away for a total of about 14″ away. That’s almost half the board. If it’s Miles turn, he still gets 2 actions.

So all in all she’s pretty good, but maybe not as good as I was hoping.

Hot Take Tier: B

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