MCP: Hulkbuster Card Review

So next up is the first card/s revealed at Mini Stravaganza; HulkBuster

So a new type of character. No red side, but really the small version is the red side. But! You can turn back to the big side. Wasn’t expecting it to be a Leader. Or the second side to be so…weak.

The Great: Meteor Punch is 8 dice, 3 power and doesn’t grant power on damage AND throws the target. Nice! And you can turn the “damaged” version back into Hulkbuster!

The Good: The builder grants power if you damage and 1 if you don’t which is neat. Size 4 throw – yay! Can reduce damage by 1, to zero and ignore pushes. 13 health 4/3/3 is very tanky with the armour power. And you get 2 power a turn.

The Bad: The second version starts on zero power. So getting to 10 is actually really hard.

The Ugly: The rest of the small side. Awful defenses, 4 dice attack. Probably gets squishes before you can turn back.

I forgot the Leadership! It’s ok. I’m not sure I would take it. I guess If I wanted to run HB and not cap!? It’s a really interesting model. Like Modok the second side has less health than first, but Modok is missing bits, this is missing everything. Getting from 0 power to 10 seems rough. You can generate 5 power a turn IF all your rapid fire shots trigger, so you need to do that 2 turns in a row without getting KOed. Easier to play in A-Force, run away, and funnel power to it. I really like the front side though. That’s a lot of health and decent defenses and armour, so it’ll be a while before it goes down. You can reliably hit Meteor punch every turn, and hopefully get some throws in. All in all, I like it. And there’s this;


Seriously, Wow. In a Sam list with 6 models, you could easily dump 5 power into this a model and roll a 32 dice attack. It’s just bonkers. And it doesn’t have to be Hulkbuster, regular ol’ core box Iron Man can use it, which is great. Yes it’s a one off, but it is potentially a really big one off. It probably ends up rolling garbage, but it should be fun. Time to order more dice!

So I’m interested to try this model out. It might be garbage, or it might be great, but it’s certainly different. Of course we now have 3 Avengers leaders before some affiliations get 2, and we’re still missing plenty of other stuff. Roll on the spoilers!

Hot Take Tier: A


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Small side .. range 4 auto push rapid fire auto power gen…
    Don’t underestimate that.

    1. I almost wrote it was bad. Didn’t cos of auto push

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