MCP: Rogue Card Review

Rogue was announced and spoiled!

Here’s what i said in my Top-10 most wanted X-men post:

“Classic Rogue please. Flight, super strength, bomber jacket. So hit hard and throw stuff. If she can steal powers, great, but I’d accept just draining power or stamina. And I know Gambit will also be in the box, so if you can just make him rubbish so I never have to play him, I’d be happy with that”

Well I got pretty much exactly what I asked for!

So she can hit hard (very hard with her tactics card), she flies, she drains power and she has the bomber jacket. So they gave me what I wanted – I’m sold. I feel quite sorry for all the people that wanted a particular X-men character and were underwhelmed by what we got. Rogue (and Magik) are hopefully undoing that run. I am still a bit puzzled about Mutant Absorption. they implied on stream that it gains Rogue power, but I’ve read it a bunch of times, and it doesn’t!

The Great: It’s just the whole package. Reduces damage plus reasonable defense. Charges and can choose energy or physical attack. A Size 4 medium throw.

The Good: Absorption is nice, but not necessary. Sap power on the builder is good and so is the throw on the spender attack.

The Bad: It’s a shame Absorption doesn’t gain power, but she has sap power already.

The Ugly: The AMG painted version has a weird face. Put the model looks great other wise.

Do I think she’s a top tier model? Not really. We have charging models already, and at 4 threat. But she is tanky as well. But in A-Force (taking her even if she’s not affiliated) she will be able to do a lot. In X-men she’s a tanky beater they really needed. I Reckon she’ll be Brotherhood and she’s good there as well. Mostly I just like the fact that she does exactly what I was asking for. She also brings a really cool card (well 2, but we’ve only seen 1 of them);

Waiting for the stream I suggested that she couldn’t copy all powers so maybe has a card like Yoink! And look – she got a card like Yoink! Deadpool being on it is a bit weird. But all the others make sense. This card makes her better and the others on the card and is fun and matches the character. Good Job AMG!

Hot Take Tier: S++

Just Kidding! She is good, but not that good. I’m just happy she isn’t another subpar X character.

Hot Take Tier: A

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