MCP: Marvel Crisis Meltdown

So the last panel and a bunch of rule changes…let’s have a quick look

Gems don’t take roster slots but are now fixed in your roster. Super bad for Black Order. Maybe bad for Loki and Strange. 👍

10 tactics cards in roster. Finally! Makes dual affiliation a thing and allows more character specific cards. 👍

You can now have multiple alter egos. So 2 parkers. Still only 1 in squad, but again good for rosters. 👍

Crisis cards are now pick 1 at random. Wait, what? 🤯👎

Let’s look into this more. Pros first.

Previously you could take just 2 crises you liked and a 3rd you would never play. This is gone.

This step is now much quicker in game setup. Because there’s no choice, so it’s also easier.

And you can no longer throw the one you really wanted…

Instead you can now draw the one you really didn’t want. Picking hammers when you’re into a beaty team. Drawing Research Station against syndicate. Playing an F extract when you don’t have priority. So you now only take secures you can always play.

What crises might we not want then?

  • Hammers. Too risky.
  • Cubes, spider infected and Montesi. Might not have priority
  • Gamma and demons. Too risky v beaty teams.
  • Research station. Too risky v CS

So I’ve eliminated 5 extracts and 2 secures. We need more B and D extracts! So we might be seeing a smaller pool of crises. We might be seeing some different ones though.

Of course, certain affiliations still want some of these. But that’s almost worse. CS have a 1in3 chance of picking research station. If they get it they’ll do better. Same for some other rosters. The randomness is weird.

So counter picking is out, and that level of strategy. This also makes priority even more important. But maybe it means you have to be more flexible. Less reliance on turn 1 plays. More varied rosters and crises. If this is what happens, then good.

So maybe it’s a good thing? I guess we try it and see. I think priority is still an issue, and i think it makes beaty teams better than extract teams, but other than that maybe it’s not so bad.

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