MCP: Who gets Buffs and Nerfs?

Plenty of people don’t like the Buff/Nerf names, but If characters are getting updated, that’s the language that will be used. Since we know models are getting looked at I’m going to run through the first year or so of releases and see what might be coming!

I’ll cover up to CP 26 (Transformers) in this post and then look at CP 27 onwards in a later post.

Core Box wave

  • Captain America. Buff! We know he’s getting buffed, quite a lot!
  • Red Skull. I actually think Red Skull is pretty ok. He’s good as a support but also chucks out decent damage and has a cool kit in general. I’d drop Cosmic Cube to 3 dice, it already costs an action. Especially on second side. But Clea basically has the same ability, so i doubt he’ll get changed.
  • Captain Marvel. Buff! We know Binary is going down to 4. I’d like to see charge or a place on rocket punch. She is very easily controlled.
  • Baron Zemo. Leave! Zemo is probably the most played Core model, but I don’t think he is too good. Leave him.
  • Doc Ock. Buff! Pretty sure they’ve said nothing is changing but he’s quite underwhelming currently. If it wasn’t for Well laid plans, he’d rarely be taken. I’d like to See Strike go to 5 dice and/or get a re-roll on defense to signify the tentacles.
  • Peter Parker Spider-Man. Buff! He does quite a lot, but still seems overpriced. A point of stamina would be nice. Taser Webs giving shock? But as with Doc, I don’t thing he’s being touched.
  • Iron Man. Buff! He will see more play with Helios but he needs more. 6 Stamina, or 5 dice blast, or auto-push on blast would all help him a lot.
  • Crossbones. He’s better under CS, and with the introduction of Sin and Illicit Tech. But a little bump would be nice. 3 Mystic? An Immunity of some sort, like stun or poison?
  • Black Widow. Leave! She does a job now. Adding anything to her would make her too good. It would be nice to have a way to spend all that power she gets. Hit and run maybe?
  • Ultron. Buff. He’s so basic. I think they toned him down due to Age of Ultron resurrecting him. But it’s a tax on him, and without it he’s nothing special. Either built it into his card like Hela or bump him up. 5 dice strike for a start. He could have paid damage reduction like crossbones, or healing like Nebula. Change Analyse and Annihilate to something useful.
  • MODOK. Nerf! He needed it and he’s getting it.
  • Hulk. Buff! He needed a boost and got a load. He may be too good now!

Asgard – Wakanda Wave (and Venom)

  • Venom. Leave. Some people says he’s terrible. Other’s say he’s great. The truth is in the middle, he’s fine.
  • Black Panther. Nerf. His strike needs the same treatment as Shuri – only push size 3 or smaller. Make Re-roll timing clearer. That’s it.
  • Kill Monger. Leave. I like him as he is.
  • Shuri. Nerf. They restricted her Push. Good!
  • Okoye. Nerf! If you tinker with her defensive kit she’ll be worthless. But does she need the offense? I’d reduce Spear blast to range 3. That’ll do. She’ll get taken for bodyguard and there are already ways around it.
  • Thor. Buff! Asgard’s problem is a 5 threat leader who frequently does nothing. Firstly make God of Thunder more dice, like 8 or 9. 6 power needs to do something. Then take stagger off For asgard and make it cost 2. And add a stagger trigger to strike – like wild+hit, or something harder to get. And maybe tweak his Stamina to 7/7 not 6/8
  • Valkyrie. Nerf 8( I Love Valkyrie, but she’s too good. I’d change her throw to cost 3, or terrain only. Currently she is so efficient at moving up and throwing someone off a point.
  • Hela. Buff! She needs more health on the injured side. I’d like to see pierce on her strike as well.
  • Loki. I’m not super keen on him, because he needs a gem to really function and then he’s 5 threat. But he can be a real nuisance. I’d leave him or give a small buff to Frost Blast like 5 dice, or gain 1 power.

Guardians & Black Order

  • Star Lord. Buff! Just give him a Leadership! Or let him spend power to get discarded cards back to make the existing Leadership useful. Or just get the 3 winging it tokens every round with no discard, it will still not be that great. And give him some sort of control ability – he has gadgets, use them! A push or pull would be great.
  • Gamorra. Buff. 6 Stamina on front please. And 4 Physical Defense if possible. Maybe a bad throw.
  • Nebula. Leave. She’s fine for what she does, people are happy now.
  • Rocket. Buff.He needs 3 Physical. 2 is bad, even with cover rule. And add to personal Bodyguard so Groot and Rocket cannot take damage from collisions with each other.
  • Groot. Buff.Let him Heal Others. Hood and Wong can. Remove 3 from self or 2 from another character in 2? Make Tangling vines give slow as well.
  • Drax. Buff. Make Headbutt be 5 dice or cost 1. Maybe auto stun. I’d tweak Titan Killer to base 6 then add 1 for every 2 damage. It still does 8 dice with 5 damage, but more at the lower end. Having played with him recently, he really needs a charge or a range 3 attack as well.
  • Ronan. I’ve never played with him, or against him, but he seems ok. Maybe for 4 threat he needs to be a bit tougher, so 4 Physical Defense (like Hela)? I guess he doesn’t get picked because he’s just average.
  • Thanos. He can be oppressive with the Time stone, but he does cost 8 at that point. Maybe Cosmic Portal should cost 3? The issue in BO is Corvus for me, not Thanos.
  • Corvus. Nerf. He is way too efficient. Reality gem + Glaives edge means he hits on anything but a shield, which is dumb. It costs 3, but he has 4 on round 2. So just ditch Glaives Edge. And Death blow is silly. A Medium move and flurry. He frequently hits the flurry so gets 4 attacks a round and can move for free. At least drop the move to (S) or remove flurry. If he ends up under powered, oh well!
  • Proxima. She’s pretty good for a 3 threat, but then she isn’t being splashed into other factions. Leave.
  • Black Dwarf. Buff. Ideally give him charge rather than enforced oblivion. But he isn’t getting pushed as much now because they are changing pushes to be limited by size and he’s size 4. I think Intimidating presence needs to be range 3 maybe to make him that little bit more useful. Throw in Healing factor?
  • Ebony Maw. Buff. Poor Maw. So power starved. He needs a gem to have a bit more power, but then costs 6. His builder needs to be gain power equal to damage. that would help a lot. And then he could do with a superpower that gains power as well. Then he still looks worse than Wanda and Modok. Would he be too good at 4 threat? Drop defense to 5, reduce spender dice. He needs work.

Avengers, Wave 2

  • Vision. Leave. He’s seeing more play recently now people have realised he’s good again, but he’s fine as he is.
  • Winter Soldier. Buff. Even under Sam he’s not seeing play. Actually making him Affiliated to Avengers and Cabal would help. Rogue Agent is ok, btu then he misses out on tactics cards. His defenses are bad. 3/3/2 with little defensive tech? 4/3/2 maybe? Maybe add a size 2 terrain throw would be nice. And Assault rifle could do with being Auto power gain and or having rapid fire.
  • Hawkeye. Leave. He gets played in affiliation and the odd splash elsewhere but he’s pretty spot on.
  • Agent Widow. Buff. She is very swingy. I’ve had great games with her, but then also games where she does nothing. I’m not sure what I’d alter though. Hit and run maybe? Tear gas costs 1? Long move? She just needs a little something.
  • Wasp. Buff. Not being able to carry extracts is bad, but they haven’t made her good enough to counter that. Her attacks are all fine but her defenses are bad. So buff them please? Or increases Wasp’s Fury to 7 damage and make it cost 3.
  • Ant-Man. Buff. His barrage and uppercut are great, but his Pym Punch is awful. A flat gain 1 power would help a bit here. Not being able to carry extracts is a pain, so what would be nice is being able to move them as a super power. Of course, that could be really broken. But if it cost a few power it would be harder on turn 1. And so more defense would be nice.

I doubt we’ll see all these changes, and if they did the game would probably skew a lot. But hopefully we see some of them and it will change the meta a bit. So who really needs the changes?

Top 5 models needing a buff: (that we haven’t already seen)

  • Ultron
  • Iron Man
  • Ebony Maw
  • Star Lord
  • Groot

Top 3 models needing a nerf:

  • Corvus
  • Valkyrie
  • Okoye

Come back next time for CP27 onwards!


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