MCP: Buffs and Nerfs Continued

So yesterday I looked at a lot of the initial releases, up to about June 2020 and today I will see out the year. Will all these models be changed? Who Knows (other than AMG). They said something about 50 models, but whether that is changes to 50 models, or 50 models they looked and some didn’t change, we can only speculate. As before I’m going to suggest if a Buff or Nerf is needed and what it could be.

Web Warriors and Spider Foes

  • Miles. Leave. Miles’ leadership can feel a bit oppressive at time but I don’t think he needs touching, he isn’t taken out of affiliation much.
  • Gwen. Leave. I’d add her to A-Force. Other than that, she’s fine. And that’s not her her card.
  • Green goblin. Buff. I’m not as down on his Leadership as others, re-rolling a defense dice can be key. But I would remove the once per turn. It already costs a power, if they have it, let them spend it. Otherwise make it free but once per turn. His main problem is his Healthy side is bad. Either Increase the bombs to 5 dice OR make the trigger not require a wild and be automatic, or hell, do both. He’s the limiting factor on foes at the moment – people play them unaffiliated. Then give him Airlift like Falcon has to make up for Drop off being banned. Trick or treat is also a pain to use. It could be worth making it cost 2, but range 3?

Mystic Wave 1

  1. Dr Strange. Leave. He is a pain to deal with and Portals is bonkers, but at the same time I’ve beaten Defenders and not found them OP.
  2. Wong Buff. When we saw the card he was the most broken thing ever. In practise support models have real issues performing. Give him 3 Physical defense for a start. Then give him a builder attack. I’d like to stop meditate costing an action, maybe like Lockjaw, gain power if a friend is near. Or on an objective?
  3. Ghost Rider Buff. Add immunity to incinerate for a start. I still think he’s good. He just seems bad compared to some other 5 threats. Flames of Hell should probably cost less, since Enchantress has a 5 dice beam for free. 4 Physical Defense would be nice, or invulnerability/armour for extra tankiness.
  4. Angela. Controversially I don’t think angela is that OP. Sometimes she goes bonkers and kills loads of things and her movement is really good. But her spender is mostly terrible, she only throws Terrain, has no pushes and her defense rule is situational. She’s great as an extract runner but ASM is better for that. She can die really quickly. The main issue is her base size making things weird. So to alleviate that, make her [M] move. But that seems harsh. I’ve never had someone thump me with Angela and I’ve mostly found her not worth her threat, so I’ll have to stick with Leave for now!
  5. Enchantress* Nerf. She does too much, too easily. Straight off, Sirens call needs to be once a turn. Straight away that reduces her power. Sap power should probably be gain a power if you roll a wild, not for each wild. It’s on a beam so it’s way too effective right now. I’d leave it at that.

*Angela and Enchantress were “meant” to release in January but in the UK we go them in September/October time. Which made sense since their CP was between Ghost Rider and Kingpin.

Street Wave

  • Punisher Buff. His biggest problem is the lack of affiliation and other unaffiliated 3s being better. So let him be Midnight sons, maybe defenders for a start. Removing once per turn from no more second chances would be a little boost. Making Hip fire range 4 would probably help him a lot as well.
  • Taskmaster. Leave . He’s fine.
  • Kingpin. Leave . Also fine.
  • Daredevil. I don’t see a lot of daredevil. But when he turns up he can be a real pain. So Leave him for now.
  • Bullseye Buff. In my eyes, the worst model in the game. Unplayed, unpainted. But I’ve never seen anyone else use him either. Give throwing knife rapid fire and auto gain 1, not for damage dealt. Now he gets 2 power when he uses that attack and may be able to use the rest of his kit.

Initial X-Wave

  • Storm Buff. She’s actually pretty good, but she’s so squishy. Lightning Bolt could do with being gain 1. Or maybe gain minimum 1, kind of like Hulkbuster. Why does Ice blizzard do Stun not Slow? I’d like Goddess of Storms actually help her defense. Maybe a defensive re-roll? Hurricane needs to cost less. I get why it isn’t more dice, as you can buff it, but then make it cost less! This would probably be OP with all of it, but give her something, please.
  • Cyclops Buff. On paper he looks good, but it never quite works in reality. Maybe increase (or remove) the range on his Leadership. That would help him a lot as a leader. Make Field Leader cost 2. Make optic blast do an auto push. I’d also up it to size 3. His blasts should be better than Shuri’s not worse. Or maybe choose – push or extra damage dice.
  • Beast. Unlike his X-pals, he’s ok. Leave .
  • Wolverine Buff. If he had shake like Blade, that would be cool. I actually think his kit is pretty cool and he’s been a pain to deal with when playing against him. But he doesn’t do that much damage, and has no control. He needs more health on the second side to make more use of his rage ability. His main problem is needing power to get going. He can’t charge or barrage until he has 3 power, and he gets one a turn. I don’t really have a good solution for this that makes sense unless they change how tactics cards work. You really want his cards with him, which is a tax on taking him.
  • Magneto. Leave. He can be really oppressive, but he’s 6 threat, he’s meant to be. Just push him away and ignore.
  • Mystique. Leave. Does what she’s meant to. Maybe tweak her Leadership so it’s a viable alternative to Mags.
  • Sabretooth Buff. He either needs Charge, or an attack from range 3 that places him. As is he spends too much time getting into the fights. I know he has aggressive, but Xbones has that AND a place attack.
  • Toad. Leave. He’s widely taken out of faction, but not on Okoye levels.

X-men got shafted compared to Brotherhood. And then Brotherhood got Wanda, and X-men got Cable!

That’s about 60 characters in total now. So some of these either were not touched or have not been looked at. Of the models we’ve looked at today quite a lot are fine, showing that AMG got better with their models over time. If I had to pick just 3 that definitely need a fix it would be Green Goblin, Punisher and Bullseye. GG needs some love as he is iconic and his affiliation still need help (mostly because of him), and the other two just never get played. I’d be happy if they just looked at those (and Enchantress). If anyone else gets tweaked, then excellent.


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