MCP: Magik card review

So Magik had her card spoiled at the weekend as well. I didn’t forget, other things got in the way. Limbo, weird aging, big swords…

So a 3 threat assassin. She has a variable teleport-place which is cool, and something we hope to see on Nightcrawler.

The Great: variable teleport is so cool. Always affordable and useful. Her spender is great, mini Dormammu attack.

The Good: 2 basic attacks is so handy and she has some defensive tech.

The Bad: we haven’t seen the back side. I guess it’s the same so probably nothing bad.

The Ugly: nothing. Good card, Awesome model.

So she’s not great, just solid. She’s in convocation which is cool and presumably in xmen. It would be nice if she was in A-Force as well.

Hot take tier: A-

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