MCP Podcasts

I remember when there was but one MCP podcast, but now there are loads! What’s the difference between them all? Well, quite a bit actually, unlike the old Guildball podcasts that were quite samey (including the one I was on).

A lot of these Podcasts can be found at Across the Bifrost, So lets’s start there.

Across the Bifrost

Hosted by TT and Pat Dunford. A general MCP podcast but these guys have good chemistry and Pat sounds like the nicest guy. He’s also a pretty top level player having won 2 seasons of TTS. Good for all around info.

Recalibration Matrix

One of the oldest pods. A bit different this one, They will talk a lot about the comics as well as the game side, so that’s a nice change.

Tales of Crisis

This is the only all British podcast! They’ve only done a few episodes but it’s a slightly different look at things.

Alfredo’s Size 3 Taco Truck.

The strictly the worst MCP podcast because it has two of the three members of that guildball podcast. I like these guys as i remember from GB but they’re not as frequent as some other pods.

Fury’s Finest

These guys talk a lot about other Marvel stuff, like Film, Tv and comics in addition to the game. They’ve also racked up a lot of episodes – they’re on #70 at time of writing


An experimental podcast. Every Week the host, Lexa and a guest pick a character and make a roster for them. Initially I was really anti this podcast because I was like “what’s the point”. But over time It’s become one of my favourites and one of the few I re-listen to because it handy to know what would work well with a specific character so there is some really good stuff in there. They’ve had some poor quality guests at times tho 6)

The Danger Room

Probably my go to competitive podcast. Normally run by Jacob (of Xavier Protocols), Dyzard (TTS commisioner) and sploosh. Good banter, knowledgeable on the rules and useful breakdowns of the dice probabilities.

Then there’s other pods you’ll have to search for a bit more…

Wait! Did I roll a wild

A general podcast covering all the MCP goodness.


Another general MCP podcast.

Turn Zero Gaming

These guys tend to run quite a large bunch of hosts, which can be confusing to listen to but also means more opinions. Their drunken Tier list episodes are a highlight.

Advanced R&D

A sister pod to Turn zero, they look at some proper Jank. I love jank. I need to listen to this more.

Strike Better

Farmer is more casual and then he has some Australians on who are super competitive. A good listen as it’s a (mostly) different meta to tap into.

Wow! that’s a lot. I remember when there was only 2 or 3. I’m sorry I don’t have more to say about some of these but I don’t have the time to listen to them all!

Oh, and I saved the best ’til last!

House Party Protocol

Maybe not the first, but the first one I listened to and probably one of only 3 I try to catch every episode of. It started with 2 hosts but now has just one main host, HPP Will! I love this pod. Will is great and has a decent mix of guest co-hosts he has on*. It’s a good mix of casual and competitive and it’s usually pretty funny.

So try some out and enjoy – there’s hours to listen to every week.

And while I’m on the subject I do a RPG podcast (mostly on 2d20 system) called Fluff n Crunch, so check that out!

*The current Longshanks #1 is becoming a regular. That might float your boat or not. Personally I think he’s [Redacted]

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