MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 2

My 3-Box challenge died a quick death. Having had PC issues in game 2 I played a “friendly” game against Jonah last week and the PC crashed AGAIN. At this point I decided I need to give up on playing TTS. So I game my round 3 opponent the win and dropped. (also no Season 6 for me)

But I still like the format itself so I’m continuing my series looking at how to make 3-box rosters! If you need a refresher on part 1, look here.

We’ve already looked at:

  • Avengers
  • Cabal
  • A-Force
  • Web Warriors
  • Spider Foes
  • Criminal syndicate
  • Defenders

Here are the rest:

This is probably the easiest 3 box affiliation to consider. You have to buy the Thor and Valkyrie box. And then you can buy the Angela/Enchantress box and the Loki/Hela Box. Done. 3 boxes, 6 models, all affiliated. And you get the Hammers crisis! From the core box I would probably take Widow (2 threat), Zemo (so Good) and then either Red Skull for the Cabal dual affiliation or Cap and another Avenger for that affiliation.

Another easy one. You have to buy Thanos. You can then just buy Corvus and Proxima and be done with it. Buy your other box of choice for crises or tactics cards. If you really want to have the options buy the Maw/Dwarf box. But are you really going to play them?

This is a bit more difficult (but not really). You want to start with Magneto and Toad. 2 models and the better Leader. Then buy Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. You now have a ton of tactics cards and 4 models. Pretty much next you want Mystique. She brings a second leadership and can help Magneto. Sabretooth is ok with Mystique but not with Magneto, so unless you want to drop Scarlet Witch (You don’t), he gets left at home.

You want the convocation tactics cards. So buy the Dr Strange and Clea box, the Ancient One/Mordo box and the Voodoo/Hood box. That gives you 6 models, the Leadership and all the convocation magic item tactics cards. OG Strange and Wong might be nice for list building but they don’t give you any relevant tactics cards.

Tricky one this. Buy Dormammu. Now buy whatever the hell you want. Probably models with decent crises he is good on. (Unfortunately Gamma Wave comes with Hulk and Demon’s Downtown comes with ghost Rider).

I mean, just don’t play GOTG right? Star-Lord is the leader but he is so bad I would just leave him and play unaffiliated. Annoyingly one of the best GOTG cards comes with Angela. If you must, try Groot/Rocket, Nebula/Gamora and Drax/Ronan. But you have no Leader, missing cards, and below average models. Just wait until the rules update ok?

Easy to start, get Black bolt and Medusa and the Crystal/Lockjaw box. You get a crisis and some tactics cards (they’re not great). Although you do get bitter Rivals (until it’s restricted). Then decided whether you want Beast, Quicksilver or Ronan as your extra model. I would probably suggest Quicksilver as he also brings Scarlet Witch, who is great.

Step 1, buy Blade and Moon Knight. Dr Strange and Wong seems like a good pick as it gets you 2 models AND a 2 threat option. But Iron fist and Dr Voodoo are both really good. So that’s your choice. Just leave out Ghost Rider and Black Cat for now.

You have to get Cyclops and Storm to start with. The only other double character box is Domino and Cable and Domino is great, so get that. You then have a last pick of Beast (and Mystique), Jean (and Cassandra) and Wolverine (and Sabretooth). I’d probably go for one of the first 2 as you get 1 good model and 1 ok model. Of Course when the Rogue/Gambit and Magik/Colossus boxes release, get those.

There is a choice here. Buy Panther and Killmonger. Buy Shuri and Okoye. Your choice is buy Storm, or don’t bother and just buy whatever model you like. Modok for classic Wakanda Wave? Enchantress and Angela? Have Fun.

You have to buy Cable and Domino. It makes sense to get Wolverine and Sabretooth as they are affiliated. Get Deadpool and Bob for the full (ish) affiliation. Then regret having played X-force and start again.

There you go, a handy guide to all the Affiliations as a 3-Box Challenge. Pretty much, unless you’re playing Syndicate the Challenge is easy to do. If you’re playing A-Force, Avengers or Cabal you have a lot of choice, and some affiliations pick themselves.


  1. Hey there. Looks like you’ve used my image from my article without permission or source –

    1. Will remove it, no prob

      1. Was no issue using it, it’s just a courtesy to ask. Appreciate you removing it though. Cheers!

  2. I think your brotherhood of mutants list is a little confused. Mystique comes with Beast not Sabertooth.

    1. It doesn’t say Mystique comes with sabretooth in a box, it references magneto – it means sabretooth is better with mystique as a leader not magneto

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