MCP: One Roster to rule them all, part 1

So, prior to the Friday Night event on 17th September my Longshanks record looked like this:

Ugh, those 18 games with A-Force were brutal, but not as brutal as the Cabal event.

So My first Longshanks goal was getting the A-Force badge.

And I managed that. So then I played Avengers because It was played against me, seemed really good and I wanted to do something different. So I made a roster and then took it to an event and went 3-1. But I needed another goal. I could go for another top player (most of them are still unclaimed) – but It means playing close to 20 games with an affiliation which I don’t fancy again. So instead I decided to do the same thing I did in Guild Ball and go for a Multi-affiliation badge. This means playing 5 games with 5 (or more) different affiliations.

So as we can see above I have more than 5 with A-Force, 4 with Avengers and 3 with Cabal. So I considered playing a Sin and Sam spam list at the Friday night event. But I decided I would rather take an Avengers list and throw in Dormammu, and then take Dormammu and Cabal to another event and then try another affiliation with big D to try to get the 5×5.

So I had to make some changes to my previous Avengers List.

I liked the basic core, so I kept Sam (obvs), Warmachine, Iron fist, Luke Cage and Vision. And then I added Dormammu.

I took out both the 2 threats, Deadpool, Ant-man and Hawkeye.

I wanted to add Toad – I need a 2 threat for 5 wide at 14 and Toad seems better for getting VP. I then wanted a model that healed and decided to take Lizard rather than Deadpool. I then wanted some models who like more power so decided on Ghost Spider and Black Cat.

I kept mostly the same crises, just swapping Gamma Wave for Spider portals.

Tactics cards wise I added Dark Restoration and Smash and removed Blind Obsession and Tactical Analysis.

The roster

So I’ll run this once, and then the next event will be Cabal + Dormammu. that should be interesting.

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