MCP: A look at TTS Season 6 Stats

TTS Season 6 is underway! Thanks to PC issues I won’t be taking part, but I have IRL events to go to in October and November so I’ll be ok!

Xavier Protocols have published their normal stats post here and I thought I would take a look. Jacob at XP did the work, I’m just commenting on the findings. While you’re there, have a look at some good maths and tactics posts.


Midnight Sons3317%
Brotherhood of Mutants2312%
Web Warriors2211%
Spider Foes189%
Criminal Syndicate179%
Uncanny X-men158%
Dark Dimension147%
top 10

People are choosing to run A-Force? You guys be crazy. AYG is still a thing! Now come end of year when AYG is banned and new hulk is even better, A-Force be stomping people. Avengers top is not a surprise – Samspam is for real. Imagine season 7 when they also have New Old Cap and Hulk! Midnight sons is the new hotness, so also not a surprise. Most of the rest of the top 10 makes sense, a mix of stuff that’s good and then Dark Dimension cos they’re new (or just easy to drop 1 card and 1 model in). But what on earth are Spider foes and X-men doing here. Spider foes are still bad! And X-men are still also not great. So I’m surprised there are that many.

Black Order95%
Guardians of the Galaxy53%
Bottom 10

There are a few surprises here. 9 Unaffiliated rosters – that is surprising, but I guess we have enough models now that you can just pick the best models. But If that was me I’d take Dormammu as well, because, why not? Wakanda being 2nd bottom is a massive shock. They are still really good. I think this is more a reaction to them not having had anything new for 18 months now, so they’re a bit “old”. Asgard has a similar issue. Black Order being low down is also a surprise. It seemed like they were everywhere previously. But they are quite hard to play, and if the top players have moved elsewhere (sons, Avengers) then It’s less surprising. Convocation hasn’t had the impact of Midnight Sons, but we only have half their leadership and they are also tricky to play, so not a surprise. GOTG being last surprises no-one. They be bad. Like really bad.


Iron Fist7739%
Scarlet Witch5528%
Black Cat5427%
Moon Knight5327%
Top 10 characters

Okoye being top is nothing new. It’s always helpful to have a 2 threat (especially in SWORD land) and she is the best one. If you want a 2 threat to do something different like actually score VP then you want Toad, and he is 4th. I actually switched from Okoye to Toad in my most recent events. Toad did more. Go toad. Hate the model though.

Iron fist being 2nd will be partly that he fits in 3 top affiliations, but also the Iron fist attack is bonkers good. When Strange could activate people with a complex trigger people cried broken. Iron fist is only 3 threat. I’ve had my She-Hulk activated out of games, and I’ve used Iron fist to activate Magneto and Corvus. He is really good.

Scarlet Witch, Medusa, Enchantress, Valkyrie – no surprises here. Imagine how could A-Force would be with a different leader! (Yes I know enchantress is not A-force). It would be nice if we see less people having these 4 in the future.

Black Cat is a massive surprise to me. She is good in A-Force and Dark dimension where she doesn’t have power issues. But she has been taken in at least another 27 affiliations which I would not expect. I think I’ve only played against her once ever.

Moon Knight makes sense – Web Warriors and Sons. There are 55 of them and 53 of him.

Lizard I also get. He is good in foes and really good in Dark Dimension and Criminal Syndicate. Only 3 threat for a really tanky model with a push and throw.

Black Widow Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.21%
Black Dwarf21%
Winter Soldier11%
Ebony Maw00%
Infinity Gem: Space00%
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)00%
the bottom 10 (11 with stone)

Any surprises here? Peter being zero I think is people taking Amazing Spidey over him and you can only take one (for the moment). And out of affiliation there are other 4 threats that do what he does better (Enchantress and Medusa). That’s his issue, there are better control models for 4 threat. I’m still surprised at zero picks though. I also am surprised by Viper, Agent Widow and Daredevil. But I think all suffer from being quite good, but there being better options for the same threat or it being awkward to fit them in rosters (like Daredevil into Defenders).

Black Dwarf, Maw, Bullseye, Winter soldier, Punisher and Ultron being at the bottom won’t surprise anyone. They are literally the models I said needed buffs. Punisher and Bucky also suffer from not being affiliated.

What else stands out?

Only 10 rosters have Corvus. And only 9 have the reality gem (someone is doing it wrong). But there are only 9 Black Order rosters so I guess people don’t like splashing him. That will change with the new rules (maybe).

Green Goblin only turns up 7 times. That’s not surprising – he’s bad. But there are 18 Foes rosters. Which means at least 11 rosters are going leaderless. That really shows how bad he is.

Sam Wilson is at 31, Avengers are at 39, So there are people playing Avengers and not playing Sam Spam. Which is cool.

We have 8 Thanos players but 9 black order players. I wonder if that’s a mistake!?

And lastly the new Strange seems to be the least popular new model with just 4 picks. For the other newbies we have Voodoo 47, Blade 34, Mordo 20, Dormammu 13 (erm), Hood 7, Clea 7, ancient one 7.


Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due?9247%
Infinity Formula Goes Missing!8041%
Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest7840%
S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base on Moon’s Blue Area7438%
Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusment Park5930%
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.04925%
Portals Overrun City with Spider-People!4322%
Terrigen Cloud Sweeps Over City3819%
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Sweeps Across Earth3216%
Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnessess2412%
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians2211%

This is a pretty good spread. Even the lowest picked secure is in more than 10% of rosters. You’ll see a lot of Demons, but it’s in less than half at least. SWORD is becoming more of a thing though – better have a plan for that.

Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities11759%
Research Station Attacked!10051%
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan7639%
Struggle for the Cube Continues6131%
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured?5327%
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown!4925%
The Montesi Formula Found4322%
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership2915%
Mutant Extremists Target U.S. Senators!2915%
Mystic Wakanda Herbs: Fact or Fiction?2211%
Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue! (R)126%

We have a less good spread here. Hammers is going to be played a lot. Research Station near the top is also not surprising – so many affiliations like it. At least all the non-restricted extracts are above 10%. With the new rules we can expect the two F extracts to plummet next season. Play them while you can!

Tactics Cards

Tactics CardRosters%
Bitter Rivals12563%
All You’ve Got (R)11056%
Advanced R&D10855%
Field Dressing (R)9950%
Heroes for Hire7237%
Brace for Impact (R)6533%
Medpack (R)6030%
Blind Obsession4623%
Avengers Assemble3819%
Climbing Gear3819%
The top 10

There are no surprises here. Just the miserable evidence of a lot of people using the same cards.

Please, please, please just ban All you’ve got. I’d also like to see Field dressing banned. It’s super annoying to daze an enemy and have them come back. But the combo with AYG just means that AYG has no down side. Playing against this in A-Force felt really bad, but in Avengers I’ve done this a lot and it feels bad every time.

Speaking of feeling bad, restrict Bitter Rivals. It’s insanely over powered. You reduce Attack and Defense with no range penalty. It’s so dumb. So many games it turns up twice. And IRL it favors players with all the boxes. People don’t play Inhumans so newer players don’t have this card and they just get stomped more by experienced players who do have it. I’d be happy with a ban.

I would happily see R&D and Blind Obsession restricted as well. Just to see more character cards and less generic cards. It’s nice to see H4H and Avengers Assemble in the list, and 8 of the next 10 cards are also affiliation or character specific cards. For me that makes the game so much more interesting that seeing every opponent with Rivals, AYG, Field Dressing, RnD and one special card.

There are 21 cards that no-one picked, which is a shame. The new 10 card rosters will help with that, as will banning and restricting more cards.

So there you go – some surprises, some things that AMG need to look at (which they are). Season 6 looks interesting and will definitely be different to season 5. IF you’re playing in it GLHF!

Thanks again to Jacob at Xavier Protocols for crunching the numbers.

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