MCP: Friday Night Madness

So Friday 17th was the 3rd Friday Night Marvel event at Element Games run by Tony Moore. Always a good time and doesn’t take up a day for a Marvel event (although involves driving over the mountains in traffic, and coming back near midnight).

I used kind of a dumb Roster for this, having the simple goal of trying to play 1 Sam game and 2 Dormammu games.

Start of Round 2

Game 1 was against Matt (who I had played at the July Friday event) running Defenders and Midnight Sons. He won priority, took Extracts and Chose Montesi, I picked Sword and Avengers and we played at 17.

I took Sam, Warmachine, Gwen, Luke and Iron fist Vs Blade, Rider, Wong, MK and Iron fist. Luckily my Ironfist is all Green and Matt’s was the Immortal Iron fist. So advantage to him!

Moon Knight took his back book, he was hoping for the free move but didn’t get it. I used Iron fist and Avengers Assemble to get the middle book and get back. Toad Flipped the right Console and Cage flipped the left. Rider didn’t manage to flip the left console and their was some flipping of the centre console. I was up 5-1 and Moved Blade.

I used All You’ve Got (BAN IT) with Warmachine on Wong and Blade, but Blade Lived (Wong did not). Blade damaged Sam and I used the shield to reply, forgetting I had the book, but I did Field dressing Warmachine (THIS IS DUMB – BAN AYG). They managed to flip all 3 points to them (with dice rolls), but Toad pushed Iron fist off right point and flipped it back. Gwen Dazed Blade (wasn’t expecting that). And then Cage went crazy on Rider getting the stagger and then the throw, doing 5 damage and flipping the left point back. So another 5/1 round for 10-2.

Moon Knight went first with his Book, beaming 3 of my models and dazing Cap. I used Gwen to grab a dropped book and run up the map. Wong whiffed on her, and then my Iron fist dazed Moon Knight and flipped the centre point back. Blade used Siege of Darkness and Dazed Warmachine, which enabled me to move Toad away from Iron fist. Cage manged to daze Rider and then finally Toad was able to move to the centre, grab the last book, tongue lash Blade from the centre and flip it for a 6-0 round and a 16-2 win.

This was a really fun game (score not withstanding). There was some terrible dice on Matt’s side. At one point I attacked Blade and rolled 6 hits but Blade rolled 4 crits on defense. But then they came up with no blocks, and the re-roll was also no hits. There were other cool bits like Wong fighting Gwen, Rider driving up a building and Moon Knight fluffing a book attack because he speaks Egyptian, not whatever ancient language the books are in…Oh, Sam still sucked. So I got my Avenger game in, so now I was planning to run 2 Dormammu games.

Near the start of round 1

Game 2, I was up against Mike who I haven’t played before (I think). I lost priority, he picked Extremis, I picked Cubes and so we had to play at 17.

This game was Dormammu, Black Cat, Gwen, Lizard Vs Sam, Warmachine, Ironman, Widow1, Miles and Valkyrie. I was thrown by the latter 2 – but they’re both good 3 threats so it makes sense. The D map was bad for me, and playing Cubes without priority was silly, but the other option was Research Station which I wouldn’t have been able to contest as well as the points.

Round 1, Widow took their left cube and moved to the back console. I moved Cat, Grappling hooked to the centre cube, then used Advanced RnD to get the power to pick it up and moved back to the console. Dormammu bonus power for the win! Warmachine and Ironman went right. I got the right cube with Lizard but didn’t fancy the right console so sent him up the middle. He got charged by Valkyrie but she rolled 5 blocks! Gwen went to the left point and then so did Miles. I had to send Dormammu to that point to be able to score it. But then Cap moved up and Shield Threw Gwen for 3 damage pushing her off the point and doing 2 to Dormammu. Why is my Sam always garbage and everyone else’s does all the damage and ricochet! So despite the cube lead it was 4-4.

I went first with Gwen but only managed 2 damage and then Miles dazed her and ran away. Lizard moved and attacked Cap, doing 2 damage but getting bleed and slow on him. Cap ran away right to escape Dormammu. the big D used Field Dressing on Gwen, then moved up to blast Black widow but got nothing. 6 dice v 2, counting all skulls, not in martial artist range…nothing. It’s like having She-Hulk back. Valkyrie charge Black Cat and Dazed her and Warmachine picked up the cube. I scored 3 to 5 for 7-9.

Round 3 Cat went first, stealing the cube back then moving twice and grappling hook to safety. Dormammu dazed Black widow and Sam and picked up widows cube. the Avengers were too far away to do much else so it was 5-4 this round for 12-13.

Round 4 Dormammu attacked Sam but left him on 1. Valkyrie KOed Gwen. Lizard KOed widow. Warmachine had to sit on the back point and Miles didn’t have the power to webswing and use Venom Blast. But Black cat got to Tony and then stole his Cube and ran back. Tony had to move to get a shot off but didn’t get a good roll so I scored all the cubes, getting 6 to 3 for the win.

Having been pretty useful in the first game Gwen didn’t do a lot here. Lizard was pretty solid and his heal was so useful with the cube (and Leadership). Dormammu was ok. He is actually really quick around the board, but I was unlucky on his attacks. Black Cat was amazing, easily the MVP.

End of round 2…spoilers

Game 3 was Quinn, playing Midnight Sons, not Spider Foes. I lost priority, Quinn took Gamma and I took Hammers. We played at 15. Dormammu at 15 was rough – I had to take vision, but I played Dormammu against blade in a practise game and was okay with that. I didn’t count on Strange.

Full lineup was Dormammu, Vision, Cat (worked last game) V Blade, MK, Iron Fist, Dr Strange (no gem).

Round 1 Strange used the bump and RnD to get the left hammer and back, so Cat couldn’t and just went to back shelter. Vision took right hammer. Dormammu took my hammer and moved up, too far, in range of Iron fist who bumped and used Flying kick to attack twice doing minimal damage. 3-3.

Dormammu attacked Blade getting nothing and then 3 which was poor. Vision beamed everyone but Strange but only did minimal damage. Dr Strange then attacked Dormammu and dazed him. And Strange healed Blade up! I forgot to do the push in between the attacks, but I basically rolled nothing on defense and Quinn can only apparently roll above average rolls. Moon Knight and Blade then attacked Vision and dazed him. Cat was able to get Dormammus hammer. I scored 2 to 4 for 5-7.

Dormammu went first and dazed Blade. Iron fist fisted Vision, but then Dr Strange KOed him anyway. And Dr Strange used Field Dressing on Blade who then got to Dormammu and KOed him. Despite having to roll against 5 mystic defense…2 to 5 for 7-12

Quinn had won at this point but wouldn’t leave it. Cat stole Strange’s Hammer and ran but the whole team went after her and used Siege of Darkness. She survived Strange, Moon Knight and Iron Fist before the bonus Strange attack dazed her. I lost 7-16.

Dice aside I had no real plan here and being outnumbered by models doing decent damage was bad. In 3 games with Dormammu he hasn’t been attacked and he’s done well. Quinn went after him and he can go down under enough attacks. At least it was a quick game! Strange in Midnight Sons is really good, and he didn’t even need to use his shields!

So I went 2-1 and finished 4th. 1-0 with Avengers (4-1 total) and 1-1 with Dormammu which I was really happy with. And I’ve now done 5 games with Avengers. 3 Affiliations to go!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy reading your reports of these MCP events.
    Do you think that All You’ve Got should be banned or restricted? I quite like the choice in roster building that the restricted list forces.

    1. Yes. Its already restricted but still widely taken so should be banned. I would love to see many more cards restricted so we see more affiliated and character cards

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