MCP: One Roster to rule them all, part 2

So after one short event in Stockport, my stats look like this:

2 affiliations down. So the plan goes something like this:

  • 3rd October, Elysium Games, Play 2 games with Cabal and 2 with Dormammu
  • 15th October, Friday night @ Element Games, Midnight Sons and Dormammu?
  • 31st October, Showdown at Element, Midnight Sons (and Dormammu?)

The big event on 31st doesn’t seem the best place to play an experimental list so I need to decided before the 15th what affiliation is the final one to get the Multi-Affiliation badge. Although, after getting the 5 badge I could go for 10! I’m going with Cabal next as I only need 2 more games, and Dormammu because he is easy to splash and fun to play.

But what goes into the Dormammu/Cabal roster?

Well firstly Dormammu, Dark Restoration and Smash. Then I have 9 picks For Cabal and/or Dormammu.

I’m starting with Red Skull. I really didn’t get on with Sin. I think I should have played spam and I didn’t, and although a bunch of 3 threats might work better with Dormammu I would rather take some big hitters and they go better with Red Skull. I’ll also take Cosmic Envigoration and Dark Reign as cards.

So I want the best Cabal models; Modok (pre-nerf), Enchantress and Zemo. 5 down already.

I’m also going to take Omega Red. He has a pull for 2 power and heals so he is good with Dormammu and he is Cabal.

I want a 2 threat. Bob is cabal, but he doesn’t really help me out with low numbers. Okoye is an option to bodyguard Modok and big D. Toad is another option for scoring VP. It will be one of these 2.

That only leaves 3. I really want another 3 threat for both Cabal Lists and Dormammu so I’m going to pick Crossbones. Illicit Tech is great, and with Dormammu he can use Haymaker on round 1.

That Leaves 2. There are so many options now, both Cabal and not models;

  • Gwen
  • Black Cat
  • Lizard
  • Cassandra Nova
  • Mr Sinister
  • Viper
  • Sin
  • Mysterio
  • Baron Mordo

There’s always meta models like Medusa, Valkyrie and Scarlet Witch I could add but I’d like to try some different things.

Sinister was quite good last time I used him, but as much as I like the idea of 3 “bow” models in the team (and at 17) I think I’ll leave him out. For similar reasons, I don’t think I can fit 2 5 threats in this list so Cassandra is out. I don’t really plan to use Sin as a leader and I’m not sure she’s worth having just for the husband/wife so she’s out. Gwen, Cat and Lizard were all good in my last Dormammu games but it would be nice to try some different stuff.

So Mysterio…3 threat, cabal and a nice interaction with Dormammu when he plays the grand illusion. I’ve struggled with him in the past, but this might be fun. It might also send me towards playing Okoye over Toad. He can go in.

Mordo? He seems ok all round but then also adds attack dice. That’s pretty handy when I want to do damage in Cabal and he can afford to do it more easily in Dormammu. Again he may want guarding with Okoye, so I guess she’s in.

And that’s the 10.

  • Dormammu
  • Red Skull
  • Zemo
  • Mordo
  • Modok
  • Enchantress
  • Omega Red
  • Crossbones
  • Mysterio
  • Okoye

For Tactics cards I already have Dark Restoration, Smash, Dark Reign, Cosmic Envigoration, Illicit tech and The grand illusion. I might as well take 2 restricted cards, So I’ll take Medpack and Brace to keep Dormammu and Modok a bit healthier.

For Crises I don’t want to spread out too much and I do want to fight. So I’ll start with Demons Downtown and Gamma Wave. Then Extremis Consoles worked ok last week AND can counteract the damage from Mordo and/or Dormammu so we’ll take that. For Extracts I’ll start with Hammers. Research station seems good with this list – can just group in the centre. Although that with a Wide secure is actually bad. I don’t have any clever turn 1 plays this time so I’ll avoid the F maps. What I really want is less extracts and high threat values so I’ll take Alien ship and Deadly Legacy Virus.

So that’s the list. I might get 2 whole practise games in with this before playing it. Lucky me!

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