MCP: Green Goblin got upgrades!

So a week ago I wrote this post where I asked for a buff to Green Goblin (amongst others) and last night he was spoiled on stream!

I posted this:

Green goblinBuff. I’m not as down on his Leadership as others, re-rolling a defense dice can be key. But I would remove the once per turn. It already costs a power, if they have it, let them spend it. Otherwise make it free but once per turn. His main problem is his Healthy side is bad. Either Increase the bombs to 5 dice OR make the trigger not require a wild and be automatic, or hell, do both. He’s the limiting factor on foes at the moment – people play them unaffiliated. Then give him Airlift like Falcon has to make up for Drop off being banned. Trick or treat is also a pain to use. It could be worth making it cost 2, but range 3?

What did he get?

Well he didn’t get everything I suggested (no surprise – I threw a lot of stuff out!). But he got the 2 main things I hoped for:

  • Pumpkin bombs went up to 5 dice
  • Leadership is now free (but once per turn)

As a bonus his injured side now has 6 dice pumpkin bombs.

Does this make a difference?

To him as a character, yes. He can now more consistently deal damage AND therefore generate power which lets him do Hit And Run or Trick Or Treat. He no longer feels like a tax on Spider Foes

To him as a Leader, also yes. Previously a lot of players (including myself) have played Spider Foes leaderless to use sinister traps but not have to use GG. Since he his now better, and the leadership is better this seems a lot less likely. There may be weird points values where you want Venom or Carnage more and don’t take him, but this seems less likely.

To the Affiliation, a massive yes. Previously a lot of the foes have been quite power starved as they have 4 dice builders which struggle to generate power, but needed to spend power on leadership to get extra damage so it didn’t fully work. With a free re-roll per turn the characters should both do more damage and generate more enabling all the cool super powers. Carnage just got more Scary, Mysterio got more annoying, Lizard might actually do damage.

So only 2 small changes but they might have a pretty decent impact.

Comments Welcome Here!

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