MCP: The new Jank

So one of the issues/bonuses of the upcoming changes to crisis selection is that you either have to stop taking extracts with turn 1 plays or risk not having priority. But…what if instead of being worried about losing priority and a “centre point” extract, you have a plan to get another extract and still have a VP lead at the end of round 1.

For the purpose of this blog I am looking at an F map (Cubes/Spider-Infected), but the B crises (Panic…) are the same distance from either end, they are just nearer the edges

Damn you spider-man

So we have loads of ways of getting that middle point and back. Some require extra power, but the easiest is just ASM or Angela walking up and back again. Once you’ve lost the centre point is there some BS Jank to get one of their back points?


So first off, a medium mover on a small base can’t get there in 2 moves.

Huh! (beast has come from the top)

A Medium Mover on a medium Base can make it.


So obviously a medium mover on a large base can.

Black cat has moved once and her 2nd move easily gets there

A Long mover on a small base makes it easily. This is where we might have some Jank.

Grappling hook to safety!

A L move model with a range 2 place can get back to the centre line. Now they need 3 power in total normally, but there are ways to manage that:

  • Dormmamu and Advanced RnD
  • Captain America (steve) and Advanced RnD
  • Inhumans and Advanced RnD

So how many models move long and have a place?

  • Black Cat
  • ASM (better due to bigger base)
  • Viper
  • Black Panther (has a S move, but similar)
  • Gamora (S move)

And then there’s this guy…


Quicksilver can do a long move rather than a place. He needs to do it before he picks up the extract, but whatever. He gets back really far.


Toad can do it as well.

Because Toad can interact from range 2 he can reach a far B or F extract with 2 medium moves. And if he has the extra power from RnD and the affiliation he can hop back.

Thanos can also do this pretty well as a Medium mover on Medium base, either with the Time stone for an extra action, or the Space stone for the teleport. He doesn’t even need extra power or cards.

So that’s a few models that can pull this stuff off Turn 2, and there are more that can do it Turn 4 or later using Red skull, Lockjaw or Clea.

So that’s currently 3 affiliations that have access to this, and anyone with thanos.


Another option is actually to run up there and sit there. The trouble with that is most of the enemy team now gets attacks on you. But you could wait until your 2nd turn when 2 of their characters have gone and steal their 2nd back extract. This also enables a model like Lockjaw to move some of your models up so more people can get to that point.

Midnight Sons have some play here as well as the range 1 place.

And then there is defenders. But that’s a whole other article.

And tactics cards…which again, is a whole other article.

So this is all riskier than the currently quite safe “steal the centre” play. But actually, if you’re on one flank you may still be quite safe. Which means that as long as you have a plan for turn 2 you can still take the F extracts. This doesn’t help you on the C or E odd extracts though.

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